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New Apartment Here’s Your Ultimate Moving Checklist

>> Apr 4, 2019

Is this your first time moving into a new apartment? If it is, you will want to follow the ultimate moving checklist that we have prepared for you. We know how difficult it can be to arrange a move. Therefore, we decided to try and help you and your family do it in the simplest way possible. Many times have we seen people in a situation such as yours. A permanent apartment awaiting their relocation. However, relocation is sometimes taking quite long to complete. Alternatively, the relocation may be taking place just in time. Still, with so many things to look out for, it is not unusual to have it go awry. In the case that you are not dealing with reliable movers, that is. Therefore, in order to make sure that your move is going to be a picture-perfect one, you should bear with us till the end.
Make a detailed plan of your move right at the beginning

Ultimate moving checklist - let's get going!

When you start planning your move, you need to divide the ultimate moving checklist into smaller timeframes. Think of it as a timetable. There are going to be chores that you will need to do within the set timeframe. Obviously, you are going to be the one setting the time limits. Therefore, it is important to be honest to yourself about your abilities to complete different tasks in the given time. Make sure to give yourself enough room in order to be able to get it all done. Alternatively, in the case that you feel like you will not have enough time to finish the chores, you can ask for help. Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario will be glad to land you a hand.

Creating your own ultimate moving checklist

Before we go on with the ultimate moving checklist, let's take a look at the general timeframe:
·         About 12 weeks prior to the move
·         8 weeks before the move
·         6 weeks before the move
·         4 weeks before the move
·         3 weeks before of the move
·         2 weeks before the move
·         1 week ahead

What you have seen written above is not a one-size-fits-all type of a moving timeline. It is, however, a general overview of how you should plan on completing your tasks. Still, it will be important to personalize all of them according to your needs. After all, making a clear moving plan is going to be much cheaper than hiring Hamilton based apartment moving professionals to come to do it all in your stead.

What to do 12 weeks ahead of the move

If your first thought was that 12 weeks was too much time in advance, trust us, it is not. There is simply too much stuff to do when you are doing your best to make sure that your family settles in after moving.
Visit utility companies and let them know that you need to cancel your subscription
Right now, you should be thinking administration. There are many public and private utility providers that you are going to have to visit. Let them know that you will be moving and politely ask them to provide you with a list of documents that you should present them in order to cancel your subscriptions. Start preparing all the paperwork right away.

8 weeks before moving

Two months ahead of the move is the right time to tackle your belongings. No need to start packing just yet. Still, go through your stuff. Declutter all of the rooms in your house. Now is the best time to find out what you are not going to keep. Get rid of excess items as soon as possible.

Should you come acrossan item of sentimental value, keep your focus. If you have not been using it in the past two months, chances are you are not going to use it any time soon.

6 weeks ahead of the move

As we approach the move, the amount of stuff to take care of is only going to get bigger.

Six weeks before the moving day, you should start thinking about letting your family practitioner know that you will be moving away. The doctor's office might need time to prepare your family's medical documents. You are going to need them in order to get a new general practitioner in the place you are moving to.
You need to see your doctor before moving away

Your ultimate moving checklist should pay attention to the needs of your kids as well. If they are going to school, make sure to ask the school to prepare the transcripts of their notes. This is one more type of documents that you're gonna need after moving.

4 weeks before moving

You should dedicate a month before moving away to packing. Pack as much as you can right away. Store packed items in a spare room till the day of the move.

Also, now is the best time to contact utility companies once again. Present them with all the documents that they had asked for earlier and set up the canceling of your subscriptions.

3 weeks ahead of the move

Emptying your freezer and fridge should occupy a spot on your ultimate moving checklist. Make sure that they are empty by the moving day!
 Empty your kitchen before the moving day comes
Also, take your car in for a service and change your address. Think again whether you are going to need help from a moving company.

2 weeks before moving away

Things are getting serious right now. This is when you should buy your moving material and pack up the rest of your items. Packing takes a while, bear that in mind.

Pay your new home one last visit before moving in. Clean it if there is anything dirty. You will want to just put your stuff in on the day of the move.

1 week before the move

By now you should be done with all of the bullets on this list. Still, if you are not, you should have the last week at your disposal to get it all sorted out.

Lastly, prepare the essentials moving bag. It's the bag that you are going to keep close to you on the moving day.

Coming up with your own ultimate moving checklist

Moving into a new apartment is a process that is going to take a long time to complete. It is up to you to prepare the ultimate moving checklist in such a way as to be able to take care of all of the tasks on time. Feel free to adjust the timeframe according to your needs. Stick to the set plan and you should be able to enjoy your relocation.

Meta: Moving into a new apartment? Come inside and find out what moving tasks the ultimate moving checklist should address. Prepare well and enjoy your move.

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