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Full Review of Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3670G

>> Apr 24, 2019

Are you having difficulty to find a reliable yet affordable canister vacuum for your home? I understand that looking for a great cleaner is not easy as in the market there are plenty of models that claimed that they are the best!

But, how you can get the best vacuum for your home? Unfortunately, this is not our focus but in this article we will focus on one of the best-seller canister vacuum in the market now - Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum.

If you already have a vacuum that works well for your floors, you might not be eager to spend a great deal of money on a new model. But if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, we recommend checking out the Eureka Mighty Mite.

We will explore some of the notable features as well as pros and cons of this canister vacuum.

The Great Features

This powerful little machine was the top-rated cheap canister vacuums for under $100, and it also works quite well for cleaning your entire home. You can use it to clean the hard floors, low-pile carpets as well as garage effectively.

The Mighty Mite is a bagged canister vacuum that has earned many fans for its small size, low price and surprisingly strong suction. The body of the vacuum weighs about 8 pounds, and the small yet sturdy body holds a powerful 12 amp motor.

One unique feature of the Mighty Mite: in addition to the standard suction port, there’s also a separate “blower port” on the body of the vacuum. By switching the hose to the blower port, users can transform the Mighty Mite into a miniature blower, able to clear out leaves and other debris from outdoor areas.

This canister has a telescoping wand that can extend to about 5 feet, allowing you to reach the ceiling and other tough spots, and the power cable is roughly 20 feet long. Just the unit do not have cable auto rewind feature.

This cleaner has two height adjustment settings to let you easily clean on different types of floors i.e., switch between the bare floors and carpets cleaning. This vacuum also comes with a multi-floor attachment, as well as a crevice tool and an upholstery brush.

Lastly, if you buy the machine it also comes with 1 year warranty.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of This Eureka Vacuum


The Mighty Mite is one of the better value-for-price vacuums out there right now. Despite the low cost, this vacuum still delivers performance that rivals other models sold at twice the price or more.

The construction isn’t cheap, either. Though most of the exterior components are hard plastic, the Mighty Mite is durable enough to last for several years (if properly maintained). Many reviewers reported owning a Mighty Mite for a decade or longer before it needed replacing.

Though it’s not marketed exclusively as a hard floor vacuum, owners of the Eureka Mighty Mite say that’s where this vacuum really shines. The powerful suction is perfect for removing dust and other fine debris from the small crevices in hard wood.

For many reviewers, the best part of this vacuum is the small size. Only slightly larger than many hand vacs, it’s still portable enough to carry in one hand. The small size and light weight make it a great model for the stairs, as well as many other areas than can prove challenging to full-sized vacuums (like the ceiling and the floor beneath furniture).

It’s also quite good at picking up pet hair, according to pet-owning reviewers. Sucking up pet hair can prove challenging, even for some of the best vacuums on the market. Though it’s not strictly a pet vacuum, many homeowners with shedding pets will enjoy this nice bonus.


Though the Mighty Mite 3670G is quite good at vacuuming hard surfaces, it delivers mediocre to poor results on high-pile carpeting. It performs well enough on short carpeting (including most rugs), but none of the included attachments are capable of the deep cleaning required by high carpets.

A few owners note that the 12 amp motor in the Mighty Mite can be noisier than average, and emits heat after extended use.

Conclusion: This is a Great Lightweight Canister Vacuum

Though it’s by no means a perfect vacuum, the Eureka Mighty Mite is still one of the best bargain models out there. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs, the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3670G is a great option.

The small size and lightweight build make this a portable and versatile vacuum, able to reach the tricky areas that full-sized vacuums cannot, like ceilings, car interiors, and the stairs. The powerful suction, sturdy design and lightweight build make this a strong choice for buyers on a budget.

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