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The Perfect Age for Braces

>> Apr 11, 2019

When we think about braces, we generally picture a teenager with wires and brackets. But is it true that you can get braces only during your teenage? Or you can get them done whenever you feel like? There are so many questions, so it's better to deal with them.

Before we find out the perfect age to visit your orthodontist, let us know what the actual need for the braces is.
Why do you need braces?

There is a general misconception about the requirement of braces only to get rid of crooked teeth. There are multiple issues such as teeth overcrowding, tooth spacing, and improper biting that an orthodontist treatment helps you resolve. These issues are collectively referred to as malocclusions, which left untreated can result in more serious issues such as tooth decay, worn enamel, and issues with chewing and speaking.

What’s The Ideal Age?

There is no specific age for when to get those shining wires and brackets into your mouth. But it is generally suggested that these concerns should be addressed at an early age, between 11-14 years while their mouth is still growing, and they are responsible enough to follow a proper dental care routine including brushing twice, using recommended mouthwash and flossing once a day. Also, this is the age when your child has lost his baby teeth and has developed most of the adult teeth. The treatment process takes advantage of the ongoing growth to guide the intended results.

With an exception to this common approach, some orthodontists may even suggest for an interceptive approach. This does not need your child to wear braces, but use several other dental products at a very early age, while the baby teeth still remain. This is considered to be the first phase of the two-phase treatment, with later including dental braces. Due to this early treatment, it is believed that this shortens the time period for which braces are to be put on. On the other hand, those who favor conventional braces treatment contradicts this claim as it increases the overall treatment time and expenses. It’s totally up to you to decide what type of treatment you wish to endure, judging the gravity of your child’s problems.

Can Adults Get Braces Too?

If we consider the reports of Orthodontists in Bristol, about 20% of the patients who opt for braces are above the age of 18. Although this might not help you in shaping your mouth and jaws, which are already fully developed by now, you can still get rid of those crooked teeth, forcing you to hold up your smile.

Your orthodontist may tell you of the lower age limit, but there isn’t any upper age limit. Feel free to visit your
Bristol dentist for further consultation.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

The time required to achieve the desired results may vary from patient to patient, depending upon the severity of the misalignments. When you visit your orthodontist, a rough timeline is provided for the treatment to take effect. This is not fully accurate as it depends on various other factors besides the treatment provided such as the degree of teeth’s acceptance to movement and dental care involved. On average, you can expect the treatment to last somewhere between 12 to 30 months, with retainer following the braces in certain cases.

Does The Cost Varies With Age?

The overall cost of the treatment totally depends on the severity of your or your child’s problems. The more adjustments needed, the more time will it take to complete the treatment, resulting in more often visits to your orthodontist and more expenses on the necessary dental care routine. With that being said, adults may need more time to get the desired results as their teeth are less receptive to movements, and may even have certain other issues such as weakened roots or gum diseases. This will be causing you a higher bill.

How to start the process?

The first step towards getting braces is to visit some trusted orthodontist. Once you or your child is lying on the checkup desk, several initial examination will be done to analyze the actual problems and need for the treatment. This may include taking the x-rays of mouth and bite to make a conclusion and suggest the required treatment.

Fixing those crooked or crowded teeth not only helps you smile better but also helps you with better dental health. It smoothens the dental hygiene process with ease in brushing and flossing, which in turn reduces the chances of plagues, cavities or other gum diseases. Although your childhood may seem to be the perfect age for braces and other orthodontist treatments, it's never too late to begin.

Author Bio

Dr. Alfonso Rao is a graduate from the University of Chieti with distinction and spent three years at the Eastman Dental Institute of London, where he completed a course in Implant Dentistry. He also has a Masters from the Global Institute for Dental Education in Los Angeles. He worked at hospitals in Caserta, Napoli, and Pescara as an oral surgeon before moving to England. He also has a keen interest in cosmetic dentist and complex smile makeovers using teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, and dental veneers.

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