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Understanding the Family Dispute Resolution

>> Apr 26, 2019

Over the past few years, many couples are going for various available options under the Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). It helps the separating parents reach an agreement without any conflict and reach a conclusion in a much better way. A mediator works with both the parties to sort out the situation and make arrangements that comply with their interests and also what's best for their children. This saves them a lot of time along with the extra expenses that they might have to pay if the case went on for a longer period of time.

Ever since this process was introduced in the Australian Family Law in July 2008, the Family Court of Australia considers it as the preferred method of resolving disputes and settle the separation terms regarding their children. Even if you will consult any of the experienced family lawyers in Brisbane or the rest of the cities in Australia, they will suggest FDR as the first option.
Why Should You Consider Family Dispute resolution?

Often referred to as family mediation, family dispute resolution helps separating families sort out disputes about their children without actually going to the court. The disputes may be concerned with the possession of the child, their living arrangements, their religious practices, their schooling and educational decision and anything else related to parenting matters. The process aims to ensure the best interest of the children as the first priority, in ways that suit the parents as well.

In most of the cities of Australia and New Zealand, it is a compulsory step to go through before you could actually go into the court to resolve the disputes, with certain exceptions such as cases including child abuse and family violence. It is a practical and cost-effective way of solving disputes. You can even look for certain subsidized or funded family dispute resolution services.

Do You Need A Family Dispute Resolution Professional?

Family Dispute Resolution practitioners can help parents to communicate with each other with clear terms and get along the process. They start with analyzing if it is a suitable option, and what are the risks involved and how to handle them. This is referred to as screening and assessment. There are several factors to look into before they will recommend you FDR. This may include family resources, the relationship between the parents and children, and the emotional, psychological and physical health of the parents involved. They will also check if any sort of family violence or child abuse was involved as it revokes the option of family dispute resolution.

Most of the family dispute resolution lawyers in Toowoomba and nearby cities have proper set guidelines to help with the process. They make sure that people have the chance to be heard and equal opportunity to put forward the points that are important to them. They can also assist you to develop effective parenting plans. The fact that they are professionals, they remain impartial and do not take sides of either parent. However, in arguments involving the well-being of the children, they will serve a more advisory role in order to make sure the children’s interests are the topmost priority.

In case the families aren’t going along well, your attorney will submit the complete information about the discussions held and why the dispute resolution isn’t working out. It will help you get the certificate to go ahead to the court and get the dispute settled.

Although you are too frustrated of the marriage already and don’t feel like talking to your partner, you should consider the family dispute resolution as it can be in the best interest of the children, parents, guardians and other family members.

Andrew Crooke serves as a Director and an Accredited Specialist in the Family Law Team at Murdoch Lawyers. With almost two decades of experience in all facets of Family Law, he is a preferable choice when it comes to family lawyers in Toowoomba and Brisbane.

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