Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

5 Tips for Choosing Sofa Upholstery Fabric for Your Home

>> May 2, 2013

Picking out a new sofa represents a fresh start for your home decor. As well as a comfortable place to rest, it will be the hub for family time together in front of the TV. Here are five tips to ensure that your new sofa is absolutely right for you, your family and your home.

1. Choose a durable fabric
The sofa is the main focal point of your living space and will be the place that everyone goes to rest, to watch TV, to play computer games, or to read. It must take an awful lot of wear and tear, especially if you have children and pets. Dainty, lightweight fabrics are great for a sofa that gets only occasional use, but for the hub of the home, something tough and hard wearing is more practical. Leather is a great choice for a family sofa as it is easy to clean and will withstand some rough treatment. Heavy wool and high thread count cottons are also practical choices. The more dense the fabric, the more hard wearing it will be.

2. Look For Practical Colours
The latest trends may well be for pale neutral or pastel upholstery fabrics, but these will very quickly become grubby and worn-looking with frequent use by all of the family. If you have children and pets, stick to darker colours which will provide better coverage for wear and staining. If you want to stay neutral, then grey, taupe or a coffee colour will look good while still concealing the occasional spill or mark. Seeking out the most practical colours will not necessarily limit your choice. Most modern furniture retailers, such as 
http://www.pandonhome.com/ offer a range of family friendly sofas in a huge selection of colours and fabrics that are ideal for the modern family home.

3. Consider patterns or striped designs
Patterned fabrics are always on trend for upholstery and these can be the ultimate practical choice for a family sofa. The added benefit of patterns is that it provides you with plenty of colours to pick out for matching decor. In addition, you can change your decor colour scheme without having to worry about clashing and without having to invest in a new sofa every time your redecorate.

4. Don't Forget A Stain Treatment
No matter how careful you are, it is inevitable that spills will happen. Get your sofa fabric protected with a stain resistant treatment. It will certainly be worth it. Spills will be less likely to soak into the fabric and can easily be mopped up without damage. If your sofa covers are washable, don't forget to get them retreated after each wash. You can do this yourself with a DIY spray product, but do check the ingredients for any potential allergens.

5. Add Some Luxury With Your Throw Cushions
Picking out practical and durable fabrics for the sofa itself doesn't mean that your modern furniture investment piece should lack glamour. By adding some pretty throw cushions in chintz, satin, faux fur or even sequinned fabric, any sofa can be brought to life.


Dana Macnamee is an interior design specialist who writes regularly for a range of publications, blogs and design websites.

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