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Teachergive Sale 2023

For Women Only: Finding Your Dress Style

>> May 19, 2013

The number of different fashion styles worn by women everyday is phenomenal. It's no wonder women take so much time each morning to choose an outfit for the day. For some women, what they're wearing defines their personality, career and lifestyle choice all in one.  For others it’s simply a matter of covering up and keeping warm.  If you currently don’t have a ‘fashion style’ but would like to make a splash at an upcoming event then here are a few of the latest trends that you could follow.
The Bohemian style is an alternative and artistic aesthetic style worn typically by those living a lifestyle contrasting what we perceive as 'normal'. Someone obtaining a Bohemian fashion style typically accessorizes and dresses in a way juxtaposing traditional fashion trends. The Bohemian style highlights the romantic and free-spirited way of living life and is usually expressed by particular looks such as loose garments, flowing dresses, exquisite patterns and vivid shades of bright colors.

The sporty style is one worn by women wanting to achieve a casual look, but still make heads turn as they walk by. Women on the go tend to favor this style as it provides a broader range of comfort rather than squeezing into a sleek black dress or skinny jeans. The sport style generally involves t-shirts, shorts, tracksuit pants, leggings and singlet's. The colors are quite general with simplistic patterns decorating the material such as stripes or logos.
Do you have a rocker girl in your family? Well, the edgy rocker girl style involves a rebellious and sexy vibe. Worn by those who want to declare to society that they don't care about breaking the rules and defying the normal way of life this edgy/rocker girl style involves a lot of dark and heavy outfits. With colors ranging from black, navy blue, grey and red and materials generally involving leather and denim, this fashion trend has it's consequences during summer. Those acquiring this trend generally have a substantial number of piercings and tattoo's and accessorize their outfits with chains and studs.
This style is less about materialistic fashion and more about the time you spend putting yourself together and caring for yourself. Women with an elegant style will have flawless skin, sleek healthy hair and just the right amount of make-up to hide their blemishes and highlight their strengths. Undergarments are always present underneath any outfit of elegance along with classy lingerie. Every occasion is a special occasion for women of elegance and they are never seen without a top-of-the-range handbag and striking accessories such as pearl earrings and necklace or a diamond brooch. The clothes worn consist of modest colors such as creams, pastel shades and white. A woman of elegance completes her style with a sleek nightgown in bed.

This style is full of quirks and risks. Someone with an eccentric fashion sense is usually outgoing, adventurous and fun with a lot of personality. These women are risk-takers in the fashion world, always pushing at the boundaries and finding a new way of putting outfits together. The colors of this style are always bold, bright and clashing with versatile and unique patterns. A woman with an eccentric style has a limitless supply of crazy accessories and shoes, each one quirkier than the last.

Author Bio:
Jessica Josh is an Australian freelance writer and blogger.  Since 2007 she has been writing about fashion and the apparel business for companies like Indigo8

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