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Kitchens for Happy Families

>> May 12, 2013

Kitchens for happy families

Happy family homes will always have great kitchens as a hub. It’s going to be the place where the family will get together and where mum is likely to be busy and the atmosphere is welcoming.

There are so many activities taking place in kitchens throughout the day.
It’s bound to be hectic at breakfast time and with “good mornings” being offered, as everyone meets up for the start of the day, it’s usually a very friendly time in the kitchen.

Breakfasts vary of course and we all have different starts, dads can fit in a coffee and if mums work they will be lucky to even manage that.  The kids will take priority and organised parents will be able to share in a proper family breakfast time. Breakfast is chaos but it’s fun.

Through the day kitchens can be lonely places with only the dog taking advantage of a place to sleep away the day. Lucky mums who don’t work or who have infants to look after will take advantage of the kitchen for preparing the family menu for the evening and often it becomes the playroom for the younger members. This is where they will experience their first attempt at mixing cakes, using playdough on the kitchen worktops and generally being allowed to make a mess that is impossible in any other room.

These lucky mums will use the kitchen for catching up with friends over a coffee or a relaxed lunch, maybe even a glass of wine.

The family kitchen will again take center stage when work and school is over and chaos will become the order of the evening. Kitchens then become the place for homework and catching up. Poor mum and these days often dad will be trying to organise snacks and an evening meal. When homework is finished a happy family will sit together and enjoy eating and sharing their day.

Kitchens are often combined with family rooms so there can be a sofa and an extra TV which helps keep the peace when football is competing with mum’s favourite show.

New Kitchens need to be designed with the family in mind and to suit the style of living that has become the norm. Every room and family is different and it’s important for kitchen designers to relate to the family, ask appropriate questions and take the answers into account.

Where there are young children then safety is an issue that has to be taken into account and ensure that there is a working space that prevents the cook tripping over infants. Ovens and hobs need to be out of reach and the fridge and kitchen unit doors need safety catches.

If mum enjoys casual coffees then a relaxing area to sit and chat at is essential, this can be a simple breakfast bar overhang with stools. If its big enough it can also be the homework station. Bigger families may want space for a dining table in the kitchen.

Of course the family area will need space for that comfy old sofa and a TV area with storage for books and whatever else makes this part of the kitchen a relaxing area.
Kitchens really are the hub of the home and modern kitchen design can make it a real family center.

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