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The Main Types of Wooden Garage Door Available

>> May 31, 2013

Timber garage doors not only look good, but also need little maintenance if you go for the fully finished option. Many are available pre-framed, which makes installation very easy. You can choose the brand and type of timber from a huge variety of options, which fall into 5 main ones.
Cedar Door
Cedar wooden garage doors have many advantages - cedar is very stable, rot resistant, strong and light.These doors are made in the UK using traditional methods that ensure attention to detail and quality.

-Stiles and rails on these wooden garage doors are also made from cedar, using very sturdy mortice and tenon joints.

-For even easier use, these doors can be automated before they are despatched to you.

-These doors do not feature a steel chassis, so you get more wood for your money!

-They often include counterbalance mechanism and canopy, pre-installed for convenience.

- Models that include glazing all feature toughened glass.

-You can choose from a range of widths, from 6ft to 18ft.

-These doors are approved for use in listed buildings and conservation areas.

Hormann timber garage doors feature a sturdy steel chassis with timber cladding.

-These doors come in a good range of sizes, however big your garage is - from 6'6" to 14'0" width.

-They include canopy and counterbalance mechanisms, pre-installed for the ultimate in convenience.

-Hormann doors also feature an anti-drop system that is CE marked, so you be assured of their safety credentials.

-All glazed models feature Perspex windows with an attractive and security-conscious stippled finish.

-They are compatible with wooden garage door frames or can be supplied with a thin dark brown steel frame around the edge.

-These high quality UK made doors can be finished in any Impra stain, which gives a huge variety of gorgeous colours to choose from.

-They can be supplied with a cedarwood or steel frame, whichever you prefer.

- You can choose from standard sizes or bespoke made-to-measure designs for that personal touch.

-If you want a glazed door you can choose from perspex or toughened glass, depending on your requirements.

Oak and Idigbo
-Idigbo resembles oak but is more stable and lighter; it is a type of tropical hardwood.

-These timber garage doors are available in a choice of standard sizes, or you can go for made-to-measure.

-They are fully finished, which means little or no maintenance is required.

-You can choose from three stylish matt finishes.

-Any planking, rails or stiles are also solid idigbo or oak, ensuring a coherent look.

-The sectional style of garage door is designed to maximize height and width available to drive through.

-If you decide to go for a sectional garage door, you can choose from cedarwood, hemlock or nordic pine.

-You can get the doors made to measure, or go for a standard size.

-There are also a range of different finishes available, in addition to the choice of wood.
-You can even choose lifting gear specially designed for low headroom areas.

-They can be more secure and weatherproof than the up and over style of wooden garage doors.

AUTHOR BIO: Diyana Wilson is a freelance writer and experienced property developer. She recommends searching the internet to find
a variety of wooden garage doors at superb prices.

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sometime can have such a good garage door :)

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