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Active Children’s Parties - Sports Parties to Thrill & Entertain

>> May 4, 2013

It’s possible to organise an active children’s party that can include sports and outdoor play. Like any kind of themed kids party, organising a party that can thrill and entertain means paying attention to the details when it comes to using a theme, and for selecting food and decorations. In terms of making a children’s party more active, hiring professionals that can provide a sports birthday party package on the day and different events, can help to make your children’s party stand out even more.

The first thing you need to do is select a specific sports theme, or to go with a more general set of games. What you decide on will depend on what your child wants, as well as whether they want to have a theme that features their favourite sports team or not. You may just have a party that has decorations and food themed around a sport, or you might want a more active day where you have five a side football, basketball competitions, and other sports activities spread across a party. Make sure that you invite the right number of children if you are going to have a lot of outdoor games.

In terms of choosing food for an active kids’ party, it’s important to think about how you can experiment with a theme, as well as ensuring that you keep things healthy. Football shaped birthday cakes, chocolate hockey sticks, or cupcake tops that include the club badges of favourite sports teams can be a good idea. However, try to include plenty of healthy drinks and snacks, and especially if you’re going to have outdoor games that’ll require a lot of energy.

For these games, what you kind realistically do will depend on how old the children attending the party will be; for younger children, just having some goalposts set up in the back garden, or a mini golf course, can be a good way of introducing some fun games to a party. Alternatively, you can hire professional children’s party entertainers to put on a few hours of different sports themed events - this might include mini Olympic events, football five a side competitions, and basketball shoots.

What kind of games you play will vary, and will depend on how much space you have, and on the weather. Chances are you’ll have to hire out a venue or use a local park with lots of space in order to run games successfully; work out the best venue possible for games in advance, and talk to party entertainers about where they might have held successful parties in the past.

In addition, you’ll want to have a good health and safety plan for the day - entertainers should already be CRB checked, while you’ll need a first aid kit for any bumps and bruises. Take precautions to be safe with games, and have plenty of adults around to keep an eye on young children at outdoors events. Serving up cake and sweets after sports is also recommended if you want to avoid stomach upsets.

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