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How to Overcome Exam Nerves

>> May 10, 2013

Exam season is finally upon us and high school, college and university students will all be facing overwhelming nerves and stress as they cram in some last minute revision and take their seats to sit a menagerie of exam papers. Nerves are a natural part of taking exams but it is important to master these and to not like these feelings hold you back during your quest for educational excellence. Here are a few tips students of all ages can use to beat exam stress and succeed!

Find Your Revision Style
Ensuring there is enough time before your exams to prepare with revision is an important part of combating nerves. Even though every student revises in their own way, it is important to find your learning niche early in the revision stage. Try studying at different times of the day or using different learning methods, such as online revision guides, mind maps and quizzes, to pinpoint what works for you. Consider whether you revise better alone, with a group of friends or both. Study groups allow you to discuss your exam worries with fellow classmates who are going through exactly the same thing. As well as providing the opportunity to find common ground, group sessions also give you the chance to test each other with questions you have devised yourself or past exam papers. Recalling information in this way is the key to consolidating learning, so work together and quiz each other on various subjects.

Plan Ahead
Once you have found what suits you and helps you digest as much information as possible, draw up a revision timetable to plan your studying sessions right up until your last exam. Being disorganised as exams approach will only leave you disorientated but by planning ahead you can handle anxiety and put this aside when it comes to the day of your exams. When devising your revision timetable, take a look at your exam schedule and consider which subjects you are least confident in. This will allow you to prioritise which subjects to revise for first and how much time to dedicate to each.

Look After Yourself
Looking after your own well-being is an important part of exam preparation and can dramatically reduce the nerves that go hand-in-hand with this stressful period. Even if your revision schedule or exam timetable doesn’t leave you with much time, try to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as brain boosting snacks, like nuts and fruit, throughout the day. Take regular breaks during revision too and even if you like to revise during the evening, make sure you have a good night’s sleep before you sit each exam so you are refreshed and prepared no matter what questions they throw at you!

Exercise also helps to reduce stress caused by exam worries, so during those rare moments to yourself go for a brisk walk or take part in your favourite hobby to relax.

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