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Why Do People Like to Have a Bath In Their Home?

>> May 3, 2013

It’s the old home dilemma, something which many people have to decide when designing the layout of their bathroom. Should you install a stand-alone shower and do away with the bath? Or will a bath be important to you in the future?

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For most busy people finding the time to have a bath is a rarity. However, when you do find the time it can be really enjoyable. However, having a shower cubicle in your bathroom is practical, saves you space yet also provides a hotel-style feel to the room.

So, considering all of this, why might you end up opting to install a bath in your home?

Good for relaxing

Having a bath can provide some much needed ‘time to yourself’ and offers a way to get away from your hectic lifestyle for half-an-hour or so. Locking yourself away in the bathroom means no disturbances - you can fill your tub with nice warm water and bubbles, sink down and think about something else than work, the kids, the chores or whatever else it is that may be stressing you out at the time.

Can ease muscle aches and pains

Warm baths are actually proven to help ease aches and pains that your muscles may be giving you. The water around the areas of your body that may be tense and the movement around them can help to settle any niggles. Although when it comes to a relaxing point of view you may see having a bath at the end of the day as more practical, it may be worthwhile from a health perspective to have a soak in the mornings. Or, if you have been out running, working out at the gym or playing sports then it is ideal to have a bath as soon as you get home from this.

Good for the skin

Spending TOO long in the bath isn’t good for you - it can actually dry your skin out as you may see when your fingers start wrinkling up after a while. However, for those with medical conditions such as eczema who need to moisturise regularly the soothing water from a bath can actually prepare the skin more effectively, and definitely more delicately than a shower can!

It’s fun!

One of the most obvious benefits of having a bath is that it can provide some fun! You may think you are too busy to ever use it, but why not once in a while consider reliving your childhood and get into the tub to play around with the soapy suds or the rubber duck. Having a bath is really about getting away from it all - you don’t necessarily need dozens of scented candles and fragrances to do that!

Want to install a bath but don’t think you have the space? Don’t want to lose the practical benefits of having a shower. Then consider looking at Better Bathrooms range of Shower Baths on their website.

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