Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Be a Good IT Professional or Make Your Future Bright with the CCNA Voice Certification

>> May 14, 2013

The Introducing Cisco CCNA Voice and Unified Communications Administration (Icomm v8.0) 640-461 exam is connected with the CCNA Voice confirmation. This exam tests a bidder's learning of the structural engineering, parts, functionalities, and characteristics of Cisco Unified Communications results. 


Exams to get the Cisco Certifications:

Exams which are required to get theCCNA voice are as follows:
1.      640-461 ICOMM v8


Exam codes:

640-461 ICOMM v8is exam code for CCNA voice


There will be total 60 to 70 questions in the test and based on multiple choice.You can easily get the certification by attempting them in a good way.

Time for the test:

Time allowed completing the test 90 minutes.


How can you get the certification?

There is a limit for passing score. If you get above to at the passing score you will awarded by your certification.
  • For exam 640-461 ICOMM v8 passing score is 61%


Languages for the exam A20 are English, Japanese. You can easily take this test in these languages.


Topics for the CCNA Voiceexams:

1.      Portray the attributes of a Cisco Unified Communications result

o   Portray the Cisco Unified Communications parts and their capacities
o   Portray call signaling and media streams
o   Portray quality suggestions of a VoIP system

2.      Give end client backing

  • Verify Pstn connectivity
  • Demarcate deficiency dominions utilizing informative content assembled  from finish client
  • Troubleshoot endpoint issues
  • Recognize voicemail issues and resolve issues identified with client letter boxes
  • Portray causes and indications of call quality issues
  • Reset single mechanisms
  • Portray how to utilize telephone requisitions

3.      Support Cisco Unified Communications framework

o   Produce Cdr and Cmr reports
o   Produce limit reports
o   Produce utilization reports
o   Produce Rtmt appears for screen framework exercises
o   Screen voicemail utilization
o   Evacuate unassigned catalog numbers
o   Perform manual framework reinforcement

4.      Arrange voice informing and vicinity

  • Portray client creation alternatives for voice informing
  • Make or alter client elucidates Cisco Unity Connection
  • Portray Cisco Unified Presence
  • Arrange Cisco Unified Presence

5.      Procurement end clients and cohorted mechanisms

  • Depict client creation choices for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
  • Make or adjust client explains Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Make or adjust client explains Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express utilizing the GUI
  • Make or change endpoints for Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Make or change endpoints for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express utilizing the Gui
  • Depict how calling concessions capacity and how calling benefits affect framework characteristics
  • Make or change registry numbers
  • Empower client characteristics and identified calling benefits for broadening portability, call scope, radio, local vicinity, and unified portability remote goal setup
  • Empower end clients for Cisco Unified Presence
  • Verify client characteristics are operational


Certifications which you can get:

The accompanying courses furnish essential preparing on managerial assignments.

  • CCNA video
  • CCNA voice

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