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Choosing Your Mobility Equipment

>> May 3, 2013

People who need mobility assistance should always vie for quality and durability when choosing their equipment. They cannot put the brand of help that their equipment can provide in jeopardy, especially since they will be reliant on it to manage their way through everyday activities.

Mobility equipment are not only in demand among the ageing population. They are also sought after by those who have been hit by an injury and would have to rely on walkers to move around. There are many kinds of mobility equipment. Each is designed to make life easier and a lot less disappointing for those who have mobility issues.

The Thing About Rolling Walkers

A rollator or rolling walker is one of the more popular mobility aids available in the market today. They are more efficient than regular walkers because they have wheels at the end of each leg. There are three-wheel and four-wheel rollators that come with additional features to make moving around easy. Most rollators are made slim enough to help you through narrow hallways and doorways. With many features for convenience and comfort, it is not surprising that rollators are very popular. They will not slow you down and will not give you a hard time to operate.

Choosing your Rollator

Just like with other equipment, you need to put serious thought in choosing your rolling walker. You have to decide on a couple of factors to ensure that you are picking the perfect fit. Rolling walkers do not come cheap but they will serve as a worthy investment if you have found your perfect fit. They will be a very helpful mobility aid in moving around the house as well as outdoors.

The first thing to decide upon is whether you need a three-wheel or four-wheel walker. The main difference between the two is basically the stability. Three-wheel rolling walkers may be light but they cannot equate the brand of stability four-wheels can offer. Plus, there is the addition of a seat with the four-wheel rolling walker.

The width of your rollator must also be decided upon. As you see, these walking aids are not created the same. Someone has to measure up spaces in your house because you have to make sure your equipment will get through. Otherwise the rolling walker you purchase may not be of value or assistance. You also need to consider if the size of the equipment will fit into your car’s boot, in case you are travelling.

Lastly, you have to consider the weight. To get correct support from your rolling walker, you must be able to work comfortably with the weight of your equipment. Anything which is too heavy may cause discomfort at best, injury at worst.

The Perfect Fit
Choosing a rollator is all about finding the perfect fit.
Image attributed to Wikimedia by JohannesJ

Once you are able to consider the main factors in choosing a rolling walker, you must also look at extra features that it may come with. Do you need a seat or the convenience of a pouch or basket that will help carry your things? Look out for added features that will make your mobility assistance unit well worth the money.

Anyone with an injury, disability or for any reason are unsteady on their feet, a rolling walking assistance frame is an ideal solution and one which will not cost the earth.

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