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How Software Systems Boost the Efficiency of Your Business

>> May 29, 2013

SSPMany businesses opt to implement specific software systems for various business operations. Not only does this help store information in a central location, but it also reduces paperwork and cuts costs. It allows managers to concentrate on more profitable business activities too.

Most businesses use word processing software such as Microsoft Office, but there are dozens of other applications available to suit a wide range of businesses. Some of these applications are industry specific such as software provided for the insurance industry by software insurance companies. Other software has a generic function such as accounting, personnel, sales and marketing and is therefore suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Common business software applications
Accounting software
Finance and accounting software is often the first kind purchased by small businesses. Accounting software automates functions such as invoicing and bookkeeping and provides a way of measuring and recording profits, sales and costs. Some accounting software enables you to analyse figures and see performance trends and patterns.

Insurance software
Software insurance specialists provide solutions for insurance companies, underwriters, brokers and financial advisers. Whatever area you specialise in, whether health, travel, motor or home insurance, you will find a software solution to suit.

Personnel software
Personnel software provides a computerised system to keep employee records in one place and manage the HR function. In addition to tracking information relating to wages, holidays, sick pay and absences, it can also store CVs, photographs and other employee information. Recruitment software can help to source potential candidates with the relevant skill set, whilst payroll software will manage functions relating to payroll including wages and deductions, holiday and sick pay.

Database software
Businesses frequently rely on database application software programmes that allow managers to track customers and other business contacts. Users can conduct searches for information and have instant access to the records they require.

Sales and marketing software
Customer relationship management software such as Sales Force delivers a streamlined approach to managing the sales process. It files potential leads in a central location and reminds you to follow them up. It stores information such as purchasing habits for each customer and estimates their value to the organisation.

There is a myriad of other software available to assist with various marketing and PR functions. Some will help you to prepare a marketing strategy and track and analyse marketing campaigns. Other software will implement functions such as email marketing and online surveys. PR agencies can benefit from software that provides databases of publications and broadcast outlets.

Running a successful business takes time, money and vast amounts of organisation. Fortunately, there are a wide range of software applications available to assist with the vast majority of business functions. Implementing a software system can offer managers a hassle free way to streamline certain operations and can deliver many cost benefits.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit greatly from software applications. These range from emerging start-ups and entrepreneurs seeking to implement an accounting system to organisations requiring specific software such as that provided by software insurance specialists or legal specialists.
AUTHOR BIO: Diyana Lobo is a retired business manager who now writes for a range of websites and blogs. Diyana uses sources such as SSP to help with research.

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