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What Information do I Need, When Looking for an Au Pair

>> May 1, 2013

When looking for an au pair, it is important to gather as much information as possible before making a decision over who you want. This information can range from having a clear understanding of what an au pair role involves, as well as knowing what security measures have been taken for the person you’re hiring.

You’ll also need to provide information about what you expect from an au pair, and will need to get information on specific skills and past experience, as well as input from children over who they want. Au Pair Agency contacts can act as an important way of gathering this information, and provide screening processes to make it easier to decide on the right au pair. Some particular information to target includes:

1 - An Understanding of the Role

Au pairs are not nannies, in the sense that they are not professional childcarers or housekeepers. Rather, they are typically young foreign nationals that live with a family for a certain amount of time, in exchange for some casual work and childcare around the house. Most au pairs will receive a small weekly allowance, but should not be given too much work. If you want someone that can take on more responsibilities, then you’d probably be better out with a nanny.

2 - Security Checks

Having the right amount of security information for an au pair is important. Au pair agencies tend to be able to offer you assurances over the kind of experience and the checking procedures that individual au pairs have been through. This information typically involves criminal records checks, as well as personality interviews and attempts to verify that an au pair will not try to live illegally in the UK after their time with you has ended.

3 - Expectations of What You Want from Them

You should draw up information about what you want an au pair to do around the house. It’s unfair to advertise for light work, and then to try to stack on more duties after they’ve moved. You should also be specific about the number of children you have, their ages, and what their needs are. Moreover, you need to provide accurate information about an au pair’s potential room, and whether or not they will have an en suite bathroom and a parking space.

4 - Specific Skills

It’s also worth looking for au pairs that have specific skills, with information on this provided by agencies. Au pairs that can drive are particularly useful for taking children to and from school and other destinations. An au pair that has experience of first aid, or childcare and child development training can also be more valuable than one that does not have these skills.

5 - Past References

Information can be requested on references for au pairs, which might include their past experience of childcare in their home countries, or any previous au pair work when travelling. Personal references can similarly be gathered from agency interviews and your own phone or online conversation with an au pair.

Author Bio:

JF is an avid writer and, with three kids, believes live in Au Pairs and Nannies are an underrated resource for family life. She recommends looking for a quality au pair agency before arranging for an aupair.

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