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How to Make the Most of Your Top London Hotel

>> May 7, 2013

London is a fantastic city and there are so many ways in which to enjoy it. The very best way however is to see it in style and this means booking the best hotel you can. Luxury hotels are run for the benefit of the guest so make the most of your stay and allow yourself to be looked after in style.
Spa Facilities
For the height of luxury, make sure you book a 5 star hotel. Many of these will have top spa facilities where guests can book treatments such as massage, facials, manicures etc. You can usually book a package of treatments allowing you to spend time completely relaxing and being pampered. If you want to take advantage of a spa treatment or two but not sure how to choose from so many great sounding and relaxing treatments, talk to a spa staff member who will be qualified and able to advise and guide you.

Fine Dining
One of the best things about staying in a top hotel is enjoying the food. Most large 5 star hotels will have a range of restaurants and bars offering different styles to suit your changing moods. As a general rule you will usually fine at least one fine dining restaurant as well as a bistro style eateries and perhaps a bar which also serves food. A Sunday Champagne Brunch is a real treat but you will have to book in advance.

There is nothing typical about this particular brunch experience, but expect to enjoy a selection of fresh pastries, continental charcuterie, smoked salmon, as well as some amazing main course dishes including meat and fish. For lighter appetites there is usually a selection of excellent salads. If however you are feeling indulgent, dessert is most definitely on the menu here. And of course, what good would a Champagne Brunch be without plenty of chilled Champagne?

Top of the range gym
As well as the spa and the selection of restaurants, a top hotel will usually boast a well-equipped health club or gym. Even if you are on holiday, if the opportunity to keep yourself in shape is available, why not use it? London is a big city and if you are not familiar with the area, going out for a jog or a run could quickly get you lost so why not make use of the treadmill or other exercise equipment.

Top hotels will usually employ well qualified staff to look after their gym members and guests. If you need a personal trainer or adviser to get you started or motivated, just ask. A good pool is usually on offer too and offers further opportunity for exercise as well as some together leisure time for couples.

Whatever criteria you use to choose your London hotel, be it a spa, top of the range fitness centre or a range of good restaurants, make sure you choose one that serves a Sunday Champagne Brunch.

Lucy Miller is a former hotel manager turned travel writer. She writes for a range of websites and magazines, specialising in luxury travel including cruises and 5 star hotels. If you want to see London in style, in one of the city's top hotels, click here to know more.

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Mike Carlson May 7, 2013 at 6:53 PM  

Whenever I book myself into a 5-star hotel, I always consider those with a large variety of restaurants available. Of course, a champagne brunch is a must-have.

Anonymous May 7, 2013 at 7:18 PM  
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