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How to Make a Room Divider Using Drapes?

>> May 10, 2013

Drapes are a great way to enhance the look of any room since they add life and zest to the area where they are hanged. Drapes can be used for many purposes including using them as a room divider. This usually helps when you want to have two different spaces in a single room. A beautiful drape hung across your room can make a personal space for you when you are facing a space crisis.

Advantages of using curtain as a room divider

The advantage of using a drape for dividing a room is that you can gather it at a place when you do not want a divider. Using curtain as a space divider allows ventilation in a room while letting the light to enter the room easily. This is also a cost-effective way of dividing a room as compared to other ways including adding a wooden partition. Places like studio apartments or dorms where there is a limited space usually make use of a curtain partition to create different spaces on either side.

Cordoning off beds
A well-curtained bedroom always looks enticing and relaxing. This is a place where you spend your time relaxing and spending some private moments with your partner. You can use drapes to cordon off your beds. Homeowners facing space limitations or looking for a romantic and personal space in a bed room can make use of a curtain. It is suggested hanging bright and vivaciously colored curtains for this purpose as this will help make whole setting look glamorous while fulfilling your purpose of enjoying a private space with your partner.

Covering passageways and doorways
It is common to use drapes for covering doorways as this provides sophisticated look and complete solitude to individuals on the different side of the room. It allows you to have your secluded place, especially when there are guests at home attending by others and you want to have your private time. Drapes with thick and heavy fabric are great for doorways.

Most people separate their passageways by suspending a curtain rod that covers the length of the room. It helps create a personal space and these spaces can be used for different uses. It is recommended hanging drapes from ceiling to the floor so as to make a complete fence. You can also hang beautiful light colored fabric if you are just looking to enhance the overall appearance of your passageway.

Installing Drapes
Before purchasing drapes as a room divider, ensure to take measurements of the space you aim to put the divider. It is important to measure the height and the length of the room appropriately. When measurement is done, create pencil marks and drill holes for a rod panel. If you are unable to do it yourself, you should take help of professionals.

As already said, drapes are a great way to augment the appearance of any room while adding life to it. When facing space crisis, one can easily make use of curtains to create different personal spaces. It is one of the cost-effective and simple ways to get a room divided that otherwise could not have been used so wisely.

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