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Teachergive Sale 2023

4 Housewarming Plants for Your Apartment

>> Sep 18, 2018

Have you planned to give your recently bought home a new and unique look? No, this time it’s not about the accessories and other home décor items. We are talking about the housewarming plants which are considered to be a symbol of positivity and good wishes. Such plants add beauty and warmth to the patios & porches, kitchen, window/s in the living room and other places in the house.  It is said that housewarming plants add a breath of fresh air. In fact, they help in improving the air quality of the room, thereby, getting better the room’s energy.

There are situations where guests tend to gift you cut bouquet on the occasion of a housewarming party. It would always be commendable to choose some of the best, potted housewarming plants/flowers as gifts. Such gifts would not just be presentable but long lasting as a whole. Some of the names include Cottage Herb Basket, Money Tree in Wood Container, Cottage Herb Planter, Fragrant Gardenia in a Woven Basket, Small Cactus Garden, Medium Juniper Bonsai, Boxwood Wreath, Lucky Bamboo Tree arrangement and so on. Such plants are not just a decorating tool but help in cleaning the surrounding air and environment around them. 

Come let us check out the most common PLANTS for a Housewarming Party:

English Ivy

Ivy defines a real Timeless Elegance thus adding to the beauty of the apartment. Considered as an instant hostess gift, this in-house plant needs to be placed in a cooler room temperature ranging from 50-70 degrees. Moist soil keeps the Ivy plant fresh and helps it grow fast. It takes just about a 2 week’s time to grow.

Lucky Bamboo Three-Tier Plant

It is said that good things always come in ‘threes’ rather number ‘3’ represents balance and presentation. This plant has bamboo stems in 3 tiers measuring 4, 6 and 8 inches respectively. You will find this plant arrangement in polished river rock which actually completes the entire look. Placing them in bright and filtered sunlight will be a good decision. Always keep this plant in a warmer temperature between 65-90 degrees and avoid heating vents or air conditioning vents.

Cottage Herb Planter

Want to cook with fresh herbs? Then Cottage Herb Planter will be a wise decision. Another choice for a housewarming gift, this herb planter will not just add to your kitchen look but would be a perfect pick for the gourmet in your life. Needless to say, that nothing beats the fresh herbs that too getting them from inside the house itself. This planter is plastic lined and measures roughly around 9.5 inches L * 4.5 inches W * 4.5 inches H. Place this plant into shelves, windowsills, counter top and amidst your favorite kitchen décor.

Money Plant                                                                                

Special occasions demand special gifts then why not choose indoor plants that bring fortune and good health.  It is said that money plant is an ultimate symbol of good luck and fortune. As featured in the feng shui guides, a particular money plant named ‘pachira aquatic money plant’ once became popular in East Asia and is still being encouraged. In fact, the same has been appreciated in the United States of America as well for its brilliant results.

Hope, by now you have got a clear idea of the types of plants you can choose for your new home or choose the same as a gift for any housewarming party. As you have already bought a home, say, a flat in Pailan, you can gift yourself these above mentioned plants which would in a way add to your apartment’s look.

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