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Why Choosing Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

>> Sep 2, 2018

Eco-friendly or environmentally friendly is an international movement in various aspects of life toward natural resource preservation; thus eco-friendly products or methods indicate the product or method doesn’t cause dangerous effects on the environment or its occupants. Every person who concerns in saving the Earth can take part in the eco-friendly movement; one of the easy ways is by choosing eco- friendly products or methods in daily life including when homeowners clean their home carpet. Nowadays, many of them prefer to use eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic cleaning products which safer for children and pets.  
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In many households, carpet is still a favorite option for home flooring as it gives unmatchable beauty, softness, warmth and comfort. Even carpet is suggested to be placed in a home where a child suffers dust allergy while many people still assume that carpets are the culprit of asthma and allergies.  It is a fact that the large amount of dust can get trapped in the carpet fibres but the truth is –what they don’t think- the carpet functions as an air filter by catching airborne allergens and pollutants, the real cause of asthma or allergy attack.  That’s why like other air filters in different appliances; carpets should be maintained to keep clean by vacuuming regularly –at least twice a week. Abandoned carpet will be highly polluted and it might harm your family’s health.

So, keeping your carpet clean is a must. For Melbourne homeowners, always keep in mind to opt for eco-friendly carpet cleaning Melbourne. To make your carpet completely free of germs and bacteria, regular vacuuming is not enough; it needs deep cleaning that should be handled by eco-conscious professional cleaners.  A reputable company like Jena’s Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides their customers with best eco-friendly services. For instance, their anti-bacterial treatment on carpet cleaning uses eco-friendly antimicrobial agents for disinfecting the carpet. It is totally free from harmful chemicals.

Compared to dry carpet cleaning, steam cleaning is the eco-friendly option for the deep carpet cleaning which able to eliminate dust, dirt and debris even hazardous micro organisms from deep into the carpet fibres. Using hot water extraction system mixed with effective cleaning solution, the result is outstanding. Yeah, it needs more time to dry out the carpet but much safer way. Good company will apply special drying equipment to dry the carpet faster and remove dampness from the surface.

Switching to green carpet cleaning is definitely the right decision. To make you more assured, here are some reasons:

-Cleaner environment will improve the health of your family and indoor air quality.
Other cleaning products might contain harmful ingredients that contaminate the indoor air and remain on the carpet surface. For example, most carpet cleaning products or stain removers consist of PERC (Perchloroethylene) which is a neurotoxic matter and also likely carcinogen. People who ever exposed to this substance by inhaling it from newly cleaned carpets turn into dizzy and uncoordinated.

-More cost-efficient than the usual cleaning methods. Homemade stain and odor remover (vinegar, baking soda, liquid dishsoap and water) is definitely cheaper than the stain remover which available in stores. This homemade natural stain remover can ease you in removing fresh carpet stains while stubborn stains need the help of professional clean.

-No more allergies and respiratory problems. With the help of the eco-friendly deep carpet cleaning, your carpet will be free from dangerous home allergens, pollutants and micro organisms without getting the risk of exposing to harmful substance in cleaning products. Everyone in the house will be healthier!

When cleaning home, healthier and eco-friendly options are the best thing to consider -for the sake of family’s health and better environment.

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