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3 Profitable Skills Students Can Learn Over the Summer

>> Sep 7, 2018

3 Profitable Skills Students Can Learn Over the Summer

For many students, the summer season is slow and uneventful. Without school in session, students may feel like they have nothing to do. For those who cannot work over the summer, it is a prime time to develop some useful life skills and hobbies that could help them to earn some side income throughout life.

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Fishing & Equipment Maintenance

Fishing is a fun hobby, and it is a great way to bring home fresh food. People who love to fish could even barter their catches with friends and family for items that they need, as many people may not fish due to the cost of equipment and licenses, as well as the time invested. In addition to this income, students who are serious about fishing could also dabble in equipment maintenance and repair. If someone has a broken reel, students can order fishing reel repair parts and fix it for them for a fee.

Gardening & Plant Propagation

For students who love to garden and grow food, growing plants is an excellent way to exercise their green thumbs and make extra money. Some flowers, perennial bushes, and trees are in high demand; by propagating plants, whether through seeds or cuttings, students can increase their plant inventory and sell off the extras. Students must be careful with certain plants though, as some are protected by patents. This hobby could also produce excess fruit or vegetables that the student could sell, as well as seeds.

Carpentry & Woodworking

Working with wood is both relaxing and productive, as students could learn how to build their own shelves, beds, dressers, and even intricately carved tables. Carpentry is a very valuable skill to develop. Even if a student doesn't need an additional dresser or shelf, they could be sold to friends or family members. This money could be reinvested into the student's business, or saved for upcoming expenses.

When summer rolls around, students don't have to laze the days away. Instead, they can be learning valuable, fun trades with little investment required.

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