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What to Do in Your Friend’s Difficult Times

>> Sep 12, 2018

If there's one experience that is significantly difficult to go through, it would be a loss of a loved one. Death is so difficult to grasp and when a loved one passes away, it can be really challenging to figure out how to move forward in life. Plus, there is a lot of arrangements and decisions that have to be made in order to bury the loved one. If you have a friend who is going through this experience, consider the following ways you can be there for them.

1. Accompany them.
There are some difficult decisions they'll have to make. Consider going with them to the different meetings and appointments they'll have throughout the days leading up to the funeral. During this time, they're typically in shock. They're also very emotional. Having a friend can be really helpful during these times. This might mean that you have to go help them pick out a coffin brookfield il. It might mean that you need to walk with them into the morgue to identify the body. Do whatever you feel most comfortable doing. However, know that your presence can be one of the greatest gifts to somebody who's going through such a difficult time.
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2. Run errands for them.
Always make it known that you're available to make the experience easier for them. If they have young children that need babysitting, that's one role you can offer to fill. If they are in need of groceries or specific items for the home, consider volunteering to run those errands. They might need someone to cook or meal prep for the family for the week. These small details make a major difference when somebody just doesn't have the mental capacity or the physical energy to get it done.

3. Be a diversion from the pain.
Sometimes, a person just needs to get away from it all for a few hours. You can be a diversion from the pain that they're experiencing by taking them out to eat, taking them to the movies or sponsoring a trip to the spa. Ask them what they would like to do and do what you can to facilitate that experience.

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