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7 Amazing Eco-Friendly Building Materials

>> Sep 8, 2018

Eco-friendly building materials have become extremely popular in the last few years. You can go eco-friendly in two ways. The first is by using materials that are recycled that does not put more strain on the environment. The second way is by using materials that make you consume less energy and thereby helping you control climate change and other issues. These eco-friendly building materials provide you with all the characteristics and are strong, durable and some are even good insulators. These various types of eco-friendly material can be used in different construction depending on the type of environment and usage.

Here are seven amazing eco-friendly building materials:

1. Recycled wood
When you use wood as a building material, you are essentially cutting more trees in order to construct your building putting more strain on the environment. Using recycled wood for construction gives you all the benefits of using wood and is eco-friendly as you’re using wood from trees that have already been cut. You can use this kind of wood to make homes or even use it for flooring and giving your house a unique look. Make sure you inspect the wood thoroughly before using it for your building.

2. Sheep Wool
We have been using sheep wool for years to protect us through the harsh cold climate. In the same way, sheep wool acts as an excellent insulator while building a home. They are fire resistant and require a very small amount of energy to produce. They are also less harmful can be easily installed without much protection. They are completely natural resource that can be replaced very easily. They can also be used to cancel out unnecessary noise. Sheep wool is sustainable, natural and they provide a number of benefits making them better than other material.

3. Recycled Steel
Steel is a resource that is made from the iron cores extracted from the earth. In order to make steel, iron ores are burned in huge furnaces with carbon which emits a high amount of heat into the environment. Steel also requires a huge amount of energy to transport since it is a heavy material. Using recycled steel means you’re not going through the entire process of mining and burning. You’re using steel that is already in existence. This type of steel can be used to build metal garages (www.steelbuildinguk.com/sub/metal-garages/), roofs, etc. It is highly durable, strong and is a great eco-friendly material.

4. Bamboo
Bamboo is a plant that grows extremely fast, making is very eco-friendly to use. It can grow up to three feet in a day and is found in almost every continent of the world. Being present in abundance, it is vastly used in construction. They are light weighted and have a good amount of strength. They are also fire resistant and are used extensively in places where earthquakes are common. They are not at all harmful to your health and are cheap.

5. Straw Bales
Straw bale is basically a waste product that can be put to great use in your construction of buildings. Since they are easily available in abundance and do not harm the environment in any way, they are said to be extremely eco-friendly. They are perfect insulators for your home and are usually placed in your walls. They protect you through the cold and heat. There are also resistant to fire when they are packed tightly and can be customized to fit your wall. Since they are a natural product, they hardly put any pressure on the environment for their production.

6. Earth
Earth is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Using earth in its natural form has been the practice for many years. There many types of earth that can be used in construction; cob, rammed earth, light straw, earth bricks, etc. They are easy to work with and are an excellent insulator. They are also fire resistant and durable. They can be made waterproof. Like straw bale, they keep you warm in winter and cool in summers. They are easily the most eco-friendly building material.

7. Wood-plastic composite (WPC)
This is an eco-friendly material because it used recycled products. Recycled plastic lumbers and recycled wood are mixed to make wood-plastic composite which is then used for construction. They give you the strength of wood and the flexibility of plastics. It is slip resistant which makes it a good choice for deck flooring. It does not need much maintenance and is rot resistant. The harsh climate does not affect it and it is resistant to fire.

The vast variety of eco-friendly product makes them used for a great amount of construction. Depending upon their properties, these products are used in different type of construction. They are easy and healthier to use and helps us to do our bit in saving the environment.

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