Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Guide to Choose Newborn Jackets for Baby Gifts

>> Sep 9, 2018

Your close friend just delivered a baby girl and you want to give her newborn baby a special gift.  There are so many baby gift ideas you can consider and it might make you a bit confused. The right gift is a useful item which meets the baby’s needs. So, why don’t you choose newborn jackets for baby gifts this time? It wouldn’t be a wrong decision.
Thickened Button Solid Color Round Neck Woolen Coat (age 0-5 years old)- price: US$14.19
Most parents know that shopping newborn baby clothes needs plan and consideration. To keep babies warm and comfortable, every baby requires a range of clothes such as shirts, one-piece outfits, jackets, pajamas, wearable blankets, socks, booties and hats. You can support your friend by giving the right jacket which is safe, functional and healthy for her baby.

When shopping kids outerwear, make sure that the outerwear is comfortable for your loved ones to wear and move freely, easy to take on and take off, and it should be made of safe, strong and durable fabric. While choosing outerwear for newborn babies, besides those mentioned, there are things to consider more. Babies have very sensitive skin and they are still prone to accidents. That’s why the chosen jackets, coats or sweatshirts must be free from elements -like its material and embellishment- that might cause allergy reactions, choking incident and other possible harms and discomforts.
Cute Bunny Ears Thickened Hooded Coat (age 0-18 months)-price:US$29.09
Solid Red Bunny Ear Button Outerwear (age 0-3 years old)-price:US$34.95
Avoid the causes of discomforts such as too thick fabric that might overheat the baby, too tight elastics, tight bow and tie, sharp line of stitching, sharp zipper, and irritating material. Don’t choose newborn outerwear which contains such risky or inconvenient elements. Choking incident can be caused by unfastened items on the clothes; thus always have a look at buttons or pieces of thread that might become loose from the garments after every washing and drying. Better safe than sorry.

Always choose one size bigger as most babies grow fast. Putting on the light outerwear over thin clothing layers beneath is the suggested way to keep baby warm and comfy during colder weather. So, are you ready to shop? Your gift search will be much easier and faster if you go online to see the infant jacket collection at Popreal that focuses on providing original, high quality, safe and healthy clothing and accessories for newborn babies, toddlers and kids.  Check out some baby jackets that I featured here. Aren’t they cute? It would be a perfect gift indeed.The baby girl will surely love wearing the jacket! 

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