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How to Choose a Quality Front Door?

>> Sep 3, 2018

Selecting the ideal front door of your home is a crucial task. After all, this is one of the essential elements that determine the curb appeal of your property. However, people tend to forget that this is more than a simple accessory for your home. In the event of a burglary attempt, your front door will act as your first line of defence. You must choose your main entry door carefully.

In this article, we will discuss some things you must consider to ensure that you are buying a quality door. Make sure you read through this post to learn which material can bring you the best value for your money.

Materials to Consider

When you search the market, you will find that front doors are available in different materials. Of course, each of them has their pros and cons. Some entries may look stunning, but not as durable as other products. So, you must choose which one suits your preferences and budget. Here are the most common types of front doors:


One of the most practical options for homeowners is a security door made of fibreglass. Most of them are embossed with wood-grain texture or designed with a smooth surface. With the right edge treatment, it can have the natural look of real wood. One of the primary benefits of having a fibreglass door is that it can resist wear and tear better than steel. However, it is worth noting that it can crack when subjected to severe impact.


Steel doors are among the most popular types of front doors. It is relatively affordable, but it can still offer the security and weather resistance that more expensive wood and fibreglass doors can offer. Moreover, you do not have to maintain it to keep it in good condition religiously. However, when you compare a steel door to one that’s made with wood or fibreglass, you will find that it is not as weather-resistant. It does not hold as effectively as other materials when subjected to years of torrential rain, strong winds and daily abuse.


If you prefer a high-end look for your home, opting for a wooden front door is the ideal decision. Make sure you choose solid wood doors to ensure that it will resist wear and tear effectively. If it gets dented or scratch, you do not have to worry because the surface can easily be fixed. However, you have to remember that wooden doors are among the priciest options. They also require religious maintenance to keep their stunning looks.


If you are on a budget, you can opt to have an aluminium security door. In general, this product is lightweight. However, it is durable enough to resist the harsh weather elements in Australia. What’s more, it has anti-corrosive qualities. So, you won’t have to bother regularly maintaining it to prevent it from rusting.

On a Budget? Get Reliable Security with the Right Front Door.

Just because you do not have all the money to spare to purchase solid wooden doors, it does not mean that you cannot get quality from less expensive doors. There are decorative security doors that can let you achieve the security and aesthetic appeal you want for your home. You have to make sure that the door you choose has been manufactured according to Australian Standards. You would know that the door is of excellent quality when it meets the following standards:
        AS 5039 – Quality standards for security front doors
        AS 5040 – Proper installation of security front doors
        AS 5041 – Methods of testing security front doors


AS 5039

This standard covers the general performance requirements for manufacturing security doors. It discusses the qualities that make a door resistant to forced entries.


AS 5041

Keep in mind that a door can only be AS 5039-certified when an accredited laboratory has tested it under AS 5041. The entry must pass the requirements and standards of the following tests:
        Dynamic Impact Test
        Jemmy Test
        Pull Test
        Probe Test
        Shear Test
        Knife Shear Test


AS 5040

To ensure the maximum potential of your security door, it has to be installed under the guidelines laid out in AS 5040. This way, you will be able to enjoy all the security and lifestyle benefits that the door can offer.


AS 3959

In Australia, several areas are prone to bushfire. If you live in one of those zones or your house is situated near them, it is worth considering a door made according to AS 3959. In the event of a bushfire, the wrong door will not give you the protection you need. Even if you are a kilometre away from the fire, the wind can carry radiant heat and flying embers to your home. It is essential that you have a door that can effectively resist heat to some degree.

It is undeniable that selecting the ideal front door is an overwhelming task. However, the process becomes more comfortable when you sit down and write down the qualities that are important to you.

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