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The 5 Shoes All Working Women Should Own

>> Sep 28, 2018

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Choosing the right pair of shoes is very important for working women. You need shoes that look professional enough for an office setting. However, those aren’t always going to be the most comfortable.

That’s why you should also look for shoes that still look “dressy” enough for work, without making your feet hurt all day long. A pair of supportive sandals or dressy sneakers are both good options when considering comfortable footwear for work.

The following are five popular style options to consider as you look for your next pair. Keep them in mind to find the perfect shoes for your needs!

Black Pumps

They’re a classic for a reason. This versatile shoe can be worn in many different professional situations. On top of that, they can make choosing an outfit for work much easier. Most fashion advice experts point out that black shoes match nearly anything, meaning you can pair them with any outfit choice.

Black Loafers

This style is a smart alternative to black pumps when you still want a shoe that can match a wide range of outfits, but don’t necessarily want to sacrifice comfort.

Black loafers are also popular because they suit various office dress codes. If you work in a casual office where jeans are allowed, they’re a perfect choice. However, they can also complement a pair of black dress pants if your office has more formal standards. Consider loafers if you tend to be on your feet throughout the day and don’t want to face daily discomfort.

High-Heel Sandals

Plenty of employees like to spend social time with their colleagues at the end of the week. With high-heel sandals, women don’t have to go home and change or bring an extra pair of shoes along with them. They’re formal enough for many office dress codes and casual though stylish enough to suit after-work fun.

Mary Janes

Vogue has declared this style as one of the most versatile around for a reason. They’re dressy enough that you can get away with wearing a pair in a variety of working environments, and comfortable enough to keep your feet pain-free throughout the day. Thanks to those two traits, the style is also perfect for social events.

Wedge Sandals

Heels may help you look more professional, but they’re certainly not comfortable. Even worse, they can harm your feet, legs, and overall posture over time.

That’s why some recommend making the switch to wedges or wedge sandals. They provide additional support while still giving you a few extra inches of height in professional situations.

Finding shoes that strike a balance between style, professionalism, and comfort doesn’t need to be a challenge. The five styles listed here are ideal for plenty of office dress codes. Look for them the next time you need a new pair of work shoes.

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