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Teachergive Sale 2023

Top 6 Antique Jewelry Styles Which You Should Know

>> Sep 29, 2018

We all know that women love jewelry. In fact, women are excited when they see new jewelry collection in the market. Besides, in olden days people wore jewelry for different reasons. Some of them used heavy jewelry to show their social status while some people used jewelry to indicate their profession or state or marital status.
Our ancestors used different types of jewelry for different occasions like wedding, festivals and etc. Jewelry with metals like platinum, gold and silver were extremely popular in olden days. However, commoners used to wear jewelry made up of iron, copper and etc. Jewelry with precious stones like sapphires, lush emeralds and rubies are also quite popular in olden days.

Antique Jewelry Styles India
If you are planning to buy antique jewelry then have a look below to know about the different antique jewelry styles. Besides, the below antique jewelry styles suit any kind of outfits like salwar suits, sarees and etc.

  • Tarakashi: This art is more than 500 years old art and developed in Orissa. Necklaces, pendants, hoops, and brooches with this art look really unique. There are many jewelry stores which are offering anklets, hairpins, toe rings and hand rings with this art.
  • Pachchikam: This Pachchigar jewelry is generally made up of using shimmery and soft metals like silver or platinum. This jewelry with glass beads looks really great. Check the different Pachchikam bangles, rings, trinkets, anklets, pendants and jhumkis available in online and you will definitely love them.
  • Thewa: This jewelry art belongs to 16th century and extremely popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Check out this Thewa jewelry collection in online today. Trust me they look very unique.
  • Kundankari: Kundankari art belongs to 19th century and it is extremely famous in Gujarat. Women who want to look grand in their wedding or in any other party generally choose this kind of jewelry. Try the kundan anklets, necklaces, bangles and earrings to look gorgeous in your party. You will find a lot of bollywood actresses wearing the kundankari jewelry for their wedding. Trust me the craze for this kundankari jewelry will never go down.
  •  Meenakari: This Meenakari work is popular across the world. Jewelry with Meenakari work looks very stylish.
  • Victorian: Victorian style jewelry looks very stylish and they are generally made by using metals like silver and platinum. This type of jewelry is generally very inexpensive. Try the Victorian style bracelets, brooches and necklaces to look extremely stylish.

There are a lot of jewelry stores online where you can find some thousands of gold necklace designs. However, make sure that you check the customer reviews before buying any jewelry from online stores. All you have to do now is visit your favourite jewelry store and select a good gold necklace or any other jewelry according to your choice. You will definitely get gold necklaces set at a very affordable price on online stores. Hence, you need not worry about your budget any more now thinking about the rising gold necklace price.

Buy gold necklace online today to save your time and money!

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