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Essential Home Exercises for the Entire Family

>> Sep 3, 2018

There are numerous reasons to exercise, and more so as a family. Life today has become more relaxed, sort of – as it relates to physical activity. You see, technology has become a part of our life, and there are various devices making work more manageable for us.

For example, there are now dishwashers, dry cleaners, and vacuum cleaners. While there’s nothing wrong with owning all these, the problem is it leads to reduced physical activity.
Reasons to Exercise as a Family

Exercising is among the easiest ways to control weight. Physical activities require energy, and you burn any excess calories collected through the day.

Frequent exercise enhances good cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease and even helps you grow (read how here). Being active keeps the blood flowing efficiently and cardiovascular diseases at bay. Other illnesses that it keeps away include diabetes, stroke and metabolic syndrome, to name just a few.

Exercising also helps improve the mood after a hard day at work or school, trying to meet the deadlines and dealing with hard clients or peers. A 30-minute workout simulates particular chemicals that make you jovial and feeling better to enjoy your evening with other members of the family. A relaxed and happy family can share experiences and solve problems.

Is a member of the family having a hard time catching some sleep? Do they toss and turn throughout the night? Well, physical activity helps individuals catch some sleep quickly and stay asleep for longer. They get up the following morning feeling better and ready to face the next morning with renewed energy.

Some exercise regimens such as joining a soccer team and dancing improve the bond between families too. Such physical activities make the whole family happy and the company of each other enjoyable. It alleviates any tension between members.

Exercise Suggestions for the Family

1. Neighborhood Walks

You can fit everyday neighborhood walks into the schedule, where every member of the family takes part in. To make it even enjoyable, you can compete to spot certain things like dogs, cats or specific car models. Every day walks will remove any bad moods into the evening dinner, making the environment fun.

2. Turning Chores into Fun Workouts

You can make certain chores like folding the clothes or sweeping fun. For example, you can create a scene where aliens are invading the neighborhood but can’t stand well-organized rooms. The children will organize their stuff, and with time, they will get used to it. The trick is to make them active by doing things for themselves.

3. Having Disco Nights

Nothing lifts the spirits like dancing, and even better, dancing as a family. Create space by moving the furniture aside and turn the music on. Then compete to determine who has the best dance moves and enjoy the moment.

4. Walking the Dog

Your children may not like the idea of taking walks. However, walking the dog adds a bit of the spirit into the exercise. Walking the dog is better than staying holed up in their rooms playing video games.

5. Make Fun out of Working in the Yard

Autumn comes with a lot of falling leaves. You can let kids have fun by competing who gets the biggest pile and jump on them. During winter, they can clear the walkway or porch by competing who makes the most snowmen.

6. Running for Charity

You can participate as a family in charity runs that happen once in a while. The goal is not to win, but do it for humanitarian reasons. Running will not only be some good workout exercise but also fun for a good cause. It will instill some compassion in them.

7. Gardening

Children love the dirt, and they will take the idea of tilling the land like fish in the sea. Let them help with watering the plants, weeding, and others like planting the new bulbs. According to health experts, gardening is as good as weight lifting in preventing such conditions as osteoporosis.

The above are just seven of the many ideas for exercise. We encourage you to make a list of other activities and start exercising together as a family.

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