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Talking Money From Child Support

>> Sep 13, 2018

If you receive child support and are trying to get the amount modified to see if you could receive more money each month, then consider talking to an attorney. On the other hand, child support lawyers Pinellas County offers can also assist you if you pay child support and feel that you are paying too much money for the child or children. In either situation, you need to keep in mind a few tips that could help your case when you meet with a judge or when you go to court to talk to the opposing side to try to determine the best amount for the child instead of the parents.
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If you're the parent ordered to pay child support and are unable to pay the amount each month, you need to let the caseworker know as soon as possible. There are sometimes modifications that can be made to make it easier to make payments each month, such as taking money from your paycheck. If you receive child support and have information about a new job that the other parent has or have information about more money that is being made, then all of the details should be given to your caseworker. You can also have someone who knows the details leave anonymous information with your caseworker so that there is further evidence of the increase in income.

Investigate some of the laws in the state where you live. These laws are beneficial so that you understand what your attorney is talking about and so that you know about the rights that you have as either a custodial parent or an absent parent. Talk to the other parent to see if you can come to an agreement about an amount that will support your child instead of going to court. If you can work out an agreement, get it in writing and try to maintain this agreement until your child is old enough not to receive support any longer based on the regulations set forth in the state.

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