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The Key To Preparing Your Child for Success

>> Sep 8, 2018

The Key To Preparing Your Child for Success

Starting Early

With the importance of education in a person's life, it's understandable that many parents want to begin their child's education as early as possible. Many choose to raise their child with toys that are crafted to stimulate their minds rather than just make noise or light up when they press a button. For others, they place their young children in daycares that emphasize education over play or combine the two. Regardless of how much preparation a parent gives their child, all will be faced with the decision of what school to enroll their child in when they reach that certain age. The choices are vast with each school having this or that feature and this or that benefit.

For this in the Sammamish area, however, there's a Redmond preschool that stands out from the rest.
redmond preschool
A Focus On Independence

Sammamish Montessori is a school that offers education to preschoolers, kindergartners, and young elementary students. It was founded in 1977 and has been instructing children who have become parents themselves and brought their own children to its doors. The focus of this school, as its name might suggest, is based on the philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori. Her doctrine revolves around the idea that every child has a drive for independence. They inherently desire to be independent. As such, the school takes that into practice, encouraging students to become independent rather than dependent as is often the case in many other schools.

Instead of feeding children information, which makes them dependent upon teachers essentially spoon-feeding them, they are encouraged to search for their own answers. As a result, from an early age, they are unknowingly taught skills and lessons that revolve around research and building self-esteem and confidence in pursuing that research and displaying their analysis. This is an important skill and strength that children will need throughout their adult lives. For parents who want to prepare their child for the future, consider Sammamish Montessori school.

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