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Reasons You Should Have More Sex

>> Sep 15, 2018

How important is sex in a relationship? If you ask this question to someone in a new relationship, they would probably answer, “Very!” Unfortunately, the reality is that with time, sexual interest does decline in any long-term relationship. According to Isadora Alman, a licensed marriage and relationship therapist, the importance of sex differs from couple to couple,with no direct correlation with the strength of the bond that the couple shares.

At the same time, the best way to keep the spark alive in a relationship is to ensure regular, satisfying sex. There are of course many reasons why the frequency of sexual encounters declines, such as work pressures, fatigue, the routine that might have set in during sexual activity and more. There are also medication and other physical ailments that might affect one’s libido. This is where the best male enhancer products, like Andro400, can come to the rescue, says Men’s Health Digest, a site known for its comprehensive information on the dosage, side effects & ingredients of male enhancement supplements.

However, sex is not just about physical intimacy. Scientific studies have proven that is has many physical, social, emotional and even intellectual benefits.

Health Benefits

Sex not only burns a lot of calories, it also leads to a healthy immune system. According to studies, people who have sex regularly have higher antibodies that helps the body to fight against cold and flu. A stronger immune system also helps us to sleep better because of the oxytocin that is released after an orgasm. Increased oxytocin levels have other benefits too, such as pain relief and even lowering the risk of heart problems.

Menstrual Pain Control

According to a study conducted by the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University, half of the female migraine sufferers reported relief after sex. Sexual activity can also help women during menstruation, with studies demonstrating that frequent sex can lead to lighter periods, with milder cramps. It also lowers blood pressure and increases bladder control, which is important for women after giving birth. Orgasms are also believed to decrease chances of prostate cancer in men and endometriosis in women.

Emotional Benefits

Sex is a great stress buster. Psychologists believe that it can help with our general sense of well-being and mood, relieving us from feelings of depression and anxiety. This is majorly because of the endorphins that are released after an orgasm. Endorphins are the feel good-hormones that activate the pleasure cells in the brain. Also, sexual intercourse positively impacts the feeling of emotional intimacy and strengthens the bond between partners. It also helps to increase confidence and self-esteem, making the partners feel more attractive and desirable.

A survey on married couples revealed that couples who have regular sex feel more intimate and attached to each other. The survey also pointed out that the most obvious reason for decreased sexual activity is sexual dysfunctions that men experience due to stress and aging. This is where male enhancer products can prove very helpful. And if you are wondering, “Does it Work?”, you can read reviews of products like Andro 400 and learn more about their ingredients, dosage and side effects.

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