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Guide To Create a Terrace Garden

>> Sep 6, 2018

As it is you have bought a new home recently, you might be looking to decorate it in a unique way. Are you thinking of a terrace garden in your apartment? Then get started today without any second thought. There are a plenty of ideas on the internet which would help you plan out a theme for your terrace garden. In order to make an elegant yet stunning looking terrace garden remember to arrange everything neatly.

Here are some interesting ideas as follows:

When you are working on your terrace, create an incredible container garden where you can grow flowers in order to beautify it.  

Terrace garden best suits in a building or slanting roof. However, apart from this, you can create beautiful gardens on your balcony as well.

You will find that city life comes with a number of advantages like - good living conditions, easy access to hospitals, medical stores, restaurants and entertainment centres, which altogether makes the city an ideal place to live in. However, above everything city life has its disadvantages as well, like – congested lanes, noise-air pollution, congested lanes to name a few. Now, if you want to avoid all these then nothing like creating beautiful gardens on your apartment balconies or terraces.  

Grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers on the balconies or terraces. This will not only beautify your terrace but benefits you in other ways as well. You will get pure and fresh things. Needless to say, that you will actually be delighted to see fresh chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers in your balcony.

Before you start with a terrace garden, make sure it is sturdy enough to hold the load of your plants.

Always start with simple planning and preparation like vertical gardening, container gardening, raised bed gardening and using containers which can be mounted on walls. Now, this way you can easily make the most of the existing space resourcefully.

Here are a few important things which will be required to start off with a terrace garden.

Use Proper Space in Both Shade and Sun

Utilize sunny and shady areas of your balcony as diverse plants have a diverse type of requirement.

There are plants which thrive in semi-shade, while there are some that require 4-5 hours of direct sunlight and others require even more.

Bring Raised Beds For Your Terrace Garden

If you have a wider space in your balcony you can use raised beds for your plants. In comparison to the small or pot containers, the raised beds are wide enough.

Having raised beds will help the plants to spread their roots thus thriving with less maintenance and care. 

Go For Vertical Gardening

In order to increase the room for the plants, make full utilization of the walls. Focus on the vertical space of the walls. Use pot holders, special stands, pots & hangers for vertical gardening. You also have the option to hang planters on the railings and walls to grow vegetable shrubs.     

Use The Right Soil

Always remember one thing that the trick behind a successful gardening is mostly on the type of soil you use. Add top-quality potting mix, manure, river sand and lots of fertilizer to grow good plants.  As different plants require different soil, you need to be very well-informed about them. For example, when some plants like azalea and citrus need acidic soil, cacti and succulents thrive in sandy soil.

So, by now you have got a clear idea about the guide to create a terrace garden. You can jolly well implement these ideas for your new apartment which may be a flat on the E.M. Bypass Kolkata. 

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