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10 Free Activities for Kids of All Ages in NYC

>> Nov 7, 2018

What happens when life circumstances bring you to one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Do you feel excited or intimidated by the fact that NYC is becoming your new home? Is it possible to live on the budget there and yet be happy and satisfied? The answer is yes. And we are here to prove it.

Good advice for your NYC move is not all you need. When moving with children, it is even more important to make them feel secure and at home again. To accomplish this, it is essential for all of you to get involved in family-friendly events. Luckily, there are a lot of free activities for kids of all ages in NYC. Here, we introduce you to 10 of them.

1. Playground, here we come!

Everybody likes playing. It doesn’t matter whether you are 7 or 77, a little bit of fun is always welcome. Playgrounds are ideal places for you and your children to enjoy and there are lots of them in NYC. Besides, making friends with other parents and children happens at playgrounds on regular basis. Is there a more natural way to meet your new neighbors?
Figure 1 Playgrounds are ideal places for you and your kids to enjoy.

2. Take a walk in one of the city parks

And not just that. From time to time you can enjoy a concert, family friendly events, races, and sports competitions. Again, you get good entertainment and save some money at the same time. While spending time at one of the city parks, grab the chance to try out some essential home exercises for the entire family. A healthy lifestyle is what we need to promote at all times.

Here are some of the city parks to enjoy in free activities for kids of all ages in NYC:
·         Central Park
·         Bryant Park
·         The High Line
·         Madison Square Park Conservancy


3. Take me to the zoo, please!

Children love animals. In New York City, they can enjoy time with them without causing any costs to the parents. Let your kids explore the animal world and educate themselves at the same time. Before you hit the road, check the information about the entrance fee on the internet. Some zoos offer free entrance only on certain days and at certain times. We suggest the following:
·         Bronx Zoo
·         Staten Island Zoo
·         New York Aquarium


4. What about exploring plant habitats in NYC?

Are you keen on gardening? Are your children interested in gardening too? If so, here is one of the top free activities for kids of all ages in NYC. Introduce them to the beauty of the world of plants and show them plant species exhibited at NYC botanical gardens. Check out these:
·         Brooklyn Botanical Garden
·         Queens Botanical Garden
·         New York Botanical Garden


5. Free classes for children of all ages

Classes can be related to art, sports, science, LEGO building or even DIY projects. Your kids will get the chance to show their creativity, express their uniqueness and boost their confidence. Also, this is another opportunity for them to meet their New York peers and possibly make friends. Finally, even parents can benefit from these activities, especially DIY projects. For example, when you move to NYC and you start unpacking, the chances are you will use plastic bins to store your kids’ toys after the move. Suddenly, your kids come home after a DIY class and decide to make a new bin or a box for their toys. What a great idea!

Figure 2 Take your kids to some of the free classes and see how they express their creativity and boost their confidence.

6. Museums have never been more accessible

If you think only older children can enjoy a visit to a museum, you are so wrong! Museums offer free activities for kids of all ages in NYC. They can explore, get hands-on experience, and participate in interactive exhibitions. Some museums organize events for whole families mostly at weekends. Choose what suits your taste and set off on an adventure together.

Some of the museums you might consider include the following:
·         Brooklyn Children’s Museum
·         Children’s Museum of Manhattan
·         New York Hall of Science
·         Museum of the Moving Image
·         Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge
·         Queens County Farm Museum 

7.  Tell me a story 

Storytelling is very popular in NYC. Plus, it is free. Children can listen to stories at libraries or at bookstores. Not only do they listen to stories, but they also meet children’s authors, get information about new books, meet other kids and exchange opinions.

8. Go sightseeing

Sightseeing is what you can do together with your kids and get some quality time with them. After the move, your kids might feel insecure and lost due to this great significant in their lives. You need to give them support and this is why family time is so important. By meeting the beauties of NYC and the city itself, you will all gradually develop the sense of belonging there.

9. Organizing playdates

Bring fun to your home. Here is an example of free activities for kids of all ages in NYC that can take place at your new address. Organize a playdate for your kids. Let their new friends come so that you can meet them too. Don’t be nervous about organizing the whole event. With a few useful tips, you will know how to make play dates more enjoyable for your kids. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be perfect, so what? Next time you’ll do better. Remember, these are just kids and their perspective is very different from yours.
Figure 3Bring fun to your home and organize a playdate for your kids.

10. Home sweet home

Family time with your kids may be the best of all free activities for kids of all ages in NYC. Just think about it. Make some delicious food, prepare your kids’ favorite toys or games, play a cartoon or a kids’ film. It can be so refreshing. You will all have a chance to chat, discuss your new home and plan your future at a new address. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to help your children adjust to a new house. In this world where we set goals high and we are always in a hurry, the best thing we can do is to close our doors to others sometimes and enjoy with our kids.

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