Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

A few infallible cleaning tricks of the maids: professional service for condominium cleaning

>> Nov 12, 2018

One of the best ways to do everything quickly is to always follow the same cleaning steps is that by putting together the things that are out of place, clean a table, then sweep, then clean another table. For this reason in most hotels the condo cleaning services cleaners carry out the work in stages that are always the same. The method and speed with which the experts clean and fix the hotel rooms can be enviable. The number of rooms that they have to fix during their work shift should not interfere with the attention they must put to the detail because there are many customers that have to please. There are several practices that can be learned from their craft to apply them and thus be efficient in a short time and have a clean and attractive environment.
How the cleaning processes are done?

Properly placing the bedding is a little complicated when it comes to queen or king size beds. To facilitate the task a little, it is convenient to look at the labels to know the correct side in which to put them. The labels always go down. In king sheets the labels are always on the right side and on the queen on the right. Microfiber cloths are more efficient. If you do not have such then bring one that is one hundred percent cotton such as a diaper cloth. Fabrics such as polyester will attract more dust. Cleaning the bathroom last is a practice they do in order to avoid the transfer of bacteria to other areas of the house.

You can save time and effort by first spraying the walls of the bathtub, the sink and toilet so that the dirt will soften and then leave easily. Curtains can be a difficult place to clean because of textures and size. It is recommended to use a hand towel since it will collect the dust more effectively than a vacuum cleaner requiring less effort. Among all the industrial and commercial cleaner to which the hotel has access is one of the best allies of the maids is practically a home remedy. The best cleaner they use is vinegar.

Conclusion: Planned cleaning routine

There are many scenarios that can be found in a room depending on the customs and quantity of its inhabitants. However, it will be much more effective if you remove all the mess and what is going to be washed from the room as it will be completely unoccupied and can be cleaned better. This will make it easier to take out what is not needed and avoid leaving marks on the areas that need to be cleaned with some liquid.

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