Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Jeulia Unique Bridal Sets for Women

>> Nov 15, 2018

From proposing your loved one to preparing the wedding ceremony and party, there are at least three rings that should be purchased.  In this case, you face two options: purchasing the rings separately or purchasing those rings together. Due to various benefits that can be obtained, there are more and more couples who prefer to the second option. Therefore nowadays, lots of jewelry stores provide matching rings in a set at their wedding jewelry collection. If you opt for shopping on a budget, you can go online and visit trusted jewelry maker and store like jeulia that offers hand crafted jewelry at affordable prices –including a year warranty for each item.
Two Tone Twist Floral Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set –Price:$150.00
Three Stone Princess Cut Created White Sapphire Ring Set – Price: $160.00
Buying engagement wedding ring sets is surely a smart and cost-effective choice. Every set consists of engagement ring and wedding band that specially created to enhance and complement one another.  It can be used in separate fingers but wearing the engagement ring and wedding band together in one finger will look stunning. If you are still not sure, just take a look at the images above. Let’s compare between the rings in separate pieces and when those rings are combined into one different jewelry piece. Which one that attracts your attention most?  
3PC Marquise Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set- Price:$115.00
Engagement ring and wedding band that purchased individually might lead to further problems if your bride wants to wear them together in one finger.  Some annoying mismatch can happen; they might look awkward and unattractive together, the rings might give her discomfort or the mismatch shapes of the rings might harm each other. The best solution is buying perfectly matching 2 or 3 piece wedding ring sets that allows you getting added benefits besides its spectacular appearance. Three pieces set is a style that much favored. It also a practical option since you re able to get -at once- an engagement ring and two wedding bands. You can save lots of money, energy and time over purchasing them individually. It is like a one-stop convenience.

Jeulia has a variety of unique bridal sets options to suit her style. Consists of an engagement ring and a wedding band for women, each set is well-designed to integrate the engagement ring and the wedding band into one piece of jewelry.  Focus on overlapping designs and highlighting textures, your Jeulia bridal set is top notch!

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