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Teachergive Sale 2023

The Enchanting and Timeless Appeal of Super Ideal Cut Solitaire Diamonds in Singapore

>> Nov 11, 2018

The diamond solitaire is a term that we often refer to rings only even though it applies to all other kinds of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and even men's jewelry. Any jewelry that has a single JannPaul Singapore Diamond is referred to as diamond solitaire. Diamond solitaire rings are the exclusive choice for celebrating some significant occasion like engagements and anniversaries and is a universal choice.
A diamond engagement ring is the epitome of love and fidelity that embodies the message of lifelong companionship. It is a symbol of lasting love as a man kneels before his fiancé and slips the elegant diamond ring on her finger. It creates a moment that the couple would like to cherish forever as it becomes one of the most significant events in their life.

The awesome appeal of diamond
The diamond solitaire engagement ring is the highest selling ring in its category as more than 25% of women have placed their faith on it during a survey conducted on 7000 women. The classic elegance of solitaire and the inherent ability of the ring to uphold the beauty of the stone is the reason for its popularity. The appeal of JannPaul Singapore Diamond solitaire ring is simply awesome. You can design a diamond solitaire ring in your way by choosing one of the different settings to make the ring just perfect for you.

The shape matters
The diamond being the central piece of attraction in a ring, it is normal to emphasize its shape. Therefore, the process of selection begins by keeping the shape in mind. Most people choose the round brilliant shape that comes in multifaceted style and sparkles brightly while highlighting the depth of the stone. The cut is perhaps the most brilliant among all solitaire because it allows the maximum amount of light to bounce from the top surface.  The other styles of diamond solitaire are princess, cushion, pear and radiant.

Style of setting the stone
Having decided on the shape of the diamond, selecting the setting style of the stone comes next. The style selection considers the practical needs together with aesthetic appeal. Securing the stone firmly in place is the practical aspect that everyone looks for, and once it is achieved, they start looking at styles that enhance the aesthetic appeal. 

Prong, bezel, cathedral, and tension are the popular setting styles of solitaire diamond. The prong setting is minimal in which the diamond is held in place with the prong that acts like a claw. The prongs hold the stone high to display its shape and brilliance as showcased in the Tiffany 6-prong setting. The cathedral setting has slopes on the sides of the diamond, and for a modern and sleek look, the bezel setting is excellent.  The tension setting provides a spring-like action to the stone but holds the diamond in place.

The diamond solitaire ring becomes only another part of the bride’s existence as she adores it with pride to display the love and affection showered on her.

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