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Teachergive Sale 2023

Some Excellent Tips for Keeping a Wooden Fence in Tip-Top Shape

>> Nov 8, 2018

Having a wooden fence can undoubtedly increase your home's value, and the fa├žade of your home will undeniably look more attractive as well. Even though you can now benefit from using vinyl fencing or you can go with a wrought iron fence, wooden fences are still a top choice. They can last for a long time, they're easy to repair, they look beautiful, and you can be sure to have ample protection for your property and your loved ones within it. Wooden fences can give you the right amount of privacy you crave, and they can also protect your home from intruders, particularly if they are high enough. But if you decide to have a wooden fence for your property, you should know how to preserve it, so it stays in great condition even after many years. Here, then, are some excellent tips for keeping a wooden fence in tip-top shape.

Pay attention to staining or painting

If you decide to have a wooden fence for your home and you want your wooden fence to last and look good, make it a point to paint or stain it every year (or at least every two years). Even if the wood on your wooden fence is treated with chemicals so that it can withstand the elements, you should still protect your wooden fence from the elements, especially over time, by staining or painting it. Of course, when you paint or stain your wooden fencing, follow the instructions from the manufacturer regarding the stain or paint to use and the number of coats to use. Also, if you are staining your wooden fence, try to use the same stain which the installer used originally; different wood stains can react with each other and give your fence a patchy, uneven look.

Prevent wood rot and termite infestation

Termites can wreak havoc on wood, and you want to do your utmost to prevent this, as advised by the experts in fencing in Gloucestershire from AB Fencing. Whilst the wood fencing itself isn't prone to termites since it's off the ground, the same isn't true for the fence posts. Although manufacturers make sure to treat fence posts to resist insect infestation, insects could still infest it over time. One of your options to prevent termite infestation in your fence posts is to use metal ones, aptly disguised so it can blend in with the wooden fencing. But you can also make use of metal caps or anchors made of concrete which can protect the portions of your fencing that have to be placed underground.

Make use of power washers

When you are cleaning your wooden fence, it may be a good idea to make use of a power washer rather than merely trying to brush dirt or paint off. It's the easiest thing too – simply use the power washer to spray your entire fence. If you don't want to buy a power washer, you can rent one. The power washer doesn't just strip the fence of dirt and debris – it can also strip off the wood's outer surface, which can already be damaged. If the wood on your fencing looks faded or grey, the power washer can reveal the actual colour underneath.

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