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Teachergive Sale 2023

Benefits of Having Food Court and Coffee Shops in the Residential Complex

>> Nov 29, 2018

Over the past few years there’s a growing trend of having shopping complex, food court and coffee shops in the residential premises. Whether it’s a luxury one or a budget space, such kind of amenities are quite common nowadays. A coffee shop and a food court amidst the residential complex come with a plenty of advantages for the residents. And, obviously enough, such kind of amenities also increase the property value. According to the owner of a 3BHK apartment in Pailan, having a coffee shop and a food court in their residential complex offers a plethora of benefits. Here’s a look at it.

1. A Coffee Shop Offers a Hangout Spot

Whether you seek some lone time or some happy moments with friends, a coffee shop with friends offers you the perfect refuge. Sipping the fuming hot cappuccino while enjoying your favourite storybook is something we all romanticize and with a coffee shop right at the premises makes it possible. Secondly, you can always invite your friends for a coffee and take him to a coffee parlour if it’s there in your complex.

2. Solution to Your Craving   

With a food court in your premises, you no longer need to find a restaurant to appease your cravings. When a family or group of friends are going out to eat, it can be challenging to pick one restaurant that will appease everyone’s different cravings. Having a food court in the premises lets you enjoy the restaurant’s food without going far. Not only there are several options to choose from, but it also lets you enjoy a quick snack or nicer meal in the most hassle free manner.

3. Increased Convenience

A coffee shop and a food court in the residential complex offers you a heightened convenience, which you otherwise do not have if you need to go out to enjoy the food from restaurants. Sometime the food court in the premises also helps you to fetch some food almost instantly, if there are guests in your place. Quite obviously, the convenience level is much higher.

4. Some coffee shops are work-friendly

There are people who, being a work-from home professional prefer working while lazing around in a coffee shop. With a coffee shop in the residential premises this is no more a big deal. Nowadays work-friendly coffee shops are quite common and with one such place at your residential complex it’s quite a breeze. In fact, if you want to hold work related meetings and don’t want to go far for this, you can invite your colleagues to your place and can easily sit in the coffee shop at your residential premises.

The Prime Takeaway

A food court and a coffee shop right at the residential premises come with a plenty of conveniences and it makes your life easy. Nowadays, the residential complexes are coming up with multiple convenience amenities and a coffee shop & food court is one of them. Even a range of low budget properties are offering this in the recent times.

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