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Safety Tips for Using Jogging Strollers

>> Nov 15, 2018

Jogging strollers can help even busy moms get regular exercise. However, many women are concerned about the child’s safety and comfort. Here are some important tips for how to jog with your child the proper way. 

Doctors advise waiting for your baby to be at least six months old before you take him out in a jogging stroller. At that age, your baby’s neck is stronger, and his skull is not as fragile. While strollers for running will provide enough stability and cushioning so he isn’t jostled too much during your jog, it’s still best to wait until he can take a little bouncing.


There are two kinds of jogging strollers: one with a front wheel that’s permanently fixed into one position, and one that lets you unlock it for easier steering. If you have an adjustable front wheel, you should lock it into place whenever you go jogging. This prevents any chances of sudden turns and swerves that can accidentally lead to a fall or collision.


Whenever you bring your baby out, you have to be prepared for anything! Bring a small bag with baby essentials like diapers, wipes, water and a toy that can keep your baby busy when he gets fussy. You should also bring a jacket and a blanket in case the weather changes.


One of the most important tips on how to safely jog with your childis to make sure he’s buckled in securely with a full harness. An older child will also be more active and curious, and may try to reach over to get something or wriggle when he gets bored.  Also make sure that your child can’t reach anything that could pinch his fingers (such as the wheel) or pose as a choking hazard.


When it comes to safety, where you jog with your child is just as important as how to jog with your child.  Take a route that avoids a lot of car traffic and doesn’t require you to cross busy intersections. Ideally the route will be shaded, so your child doesn’t have to squint under the bright sun. Most moms also recommend that you test the route on your own before taking your child will you in a jogging stroller.

That will also help you calculate the time it takes to complete the route, so you can plan your jogging sessions accordingly. In general, you will be running slower when you are jogging with your child than if you are alone.


Know your child’s general routine. Avoid jogging with him when you know he’ll be sleepy, hungry, or most active. If your child is the restless type, one way how to jog with your child without him getting fussy or throwing a tantrum is to schedule breaks where he can get out of the stroller and play.

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