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Teachergive Sale 2023

Checklist to Hire the Right Building Inspector for Total Satisfaction

>> Nov 14, 2018

No other person will work harder for a client compared to an inspector that performs this task for a living. The success of the business will rest on increasing your expectations every time for professionalism and quality and fail to get the service level from a builder that performs inspections part time.
So, it is vital to get the inspection done by a professional inspector that does this job on a full-time basis as his interest is vested in ensuring your complete satisfaction. Remember it is not a part-time inspector but a full time one that can develop the nose, eyes and ears to search and identify problems. For best results, you need to hire the services of a licensed building inspector.

Tips to Consider
Before hiring a building inspector, there are a couple of points that you need to consider to make the right choice,
·         Education and Training- A professional building inspector is responsible for evaluating every structural component. For being capable of offering a competent evaluation concerning every element needs proper training and formal education in building construction techniques as well as on-going training for keeping up with the latest building methods of contemporary homes. A professional inspector will possess an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the different house construction types all through the ages. Ensure that the inspector possesses formal training exclusively in the building.

·         Certifications- Though certifications are vital, but it is the perfect combination of training, education and experience which can create the difference when it comes to your next inspector’s competency. Certifications matter because there is no substitute when it comes to proper training and experience. It is vital to hire a licensed building inspector that can help you to generate quality reports.

·         Inspection Report- Always hire an inspector that offers a combination narrative/checklist report. The report must provide summary pages having specific categories such as safety problems and items, major and minor defects for further investigations. A good inspector is one that can provide you with an array of reports right from a Premium report, Standard complete written report and Basic structural report. If the inspector fails to offer then hire someone else. 

·         Total Experience- Check the total number of experience that the inspector holds and for how many years they are in business.

·         Check Reviews- A good inspector will get testimonials that you can see from happy and satisfied clients after he completes his job. If the inspector fails to offer client testimonials, then opt for some other choice.

·         Ask Questions- Before hiring an inspector to make it a point to ask these questions,

(a) Is inspection your sole business?
(b) Can I be a part of the inspection along with you?
(c) Do you hold indemnity insurance?
(d)Can you complete the report on the same day?
(e) Can you provide a sample report?
(f)  What equipment will you use? (The minimum standard can be a digital camera, spirit level, moisture meter, ladder and powerful torch)
(g)Does your package include photo protection?
(h)Can you suggest reliable contractors for completing any repairs?
(i)  Post completion of the inspection will you provide free building consultancy?
(j)  Do you provide a rating of 5 Star Condition?

The bottom line is your home is extremely valuable so do not risk choosing the wrong inspector.

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