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How to choose the right IT staffing firm

>> Nov 24, 2018

Many firms and enterprises often opt to work with IT Services Company for technical IT support. For most of these companies, it is an easy solution to free up their internal team and still get professional assistance.
But unlike any other decision, choosing and selecting an IT firm for network staffing Norfolk VA is a primary task for most companies. Most business executives if not all get overwhelmed by the thought of going over every potential network staffing firm and selecting the best one out of all.

While choosing the right IT staffing firm to maximize a business’s IT compatibility, companies must make sure that the hired firm has all the technical skill sets and experience required to run the operations. But what are these skill sets? What technical knowledge should an IT staffing firm possess? Find out here:


The decision to choose a particular staffing firm depends upon the types of positions available with the company. It is advisable to select a specialized IT staffing firm if a business needs applicants with specific skill sets. Since a specialized firm has a better understanding of the organization’s needs, they are in a better position to find experienced candidates. Moreover, specialized staffing firms tend to draw highly-qualified candidates than those who offer general staffing services.

Identifying Candidates

It is essential to understand how your vendor identifies and locates candidates. Make a note of the advertising mediums used by the staffing firm. Find out if they use newspapers, online sites, social media channels or job fairs to reach out to potential candidates and generate applications. Make certain that the staffing firm hired by use can produce as many applicants as possible. Besides this, it is also imperative to review the method used by the firm to conduct background checks on the candidates.

Candidate Verification

When working with an IT staffing team, learn what criteria they employ to select any candidate? Many network staffing vendors consider testing the technical skill sets of the applicants to determine their compatibility. Review the tests to check if the chosen candidate is fit enough fill the position.

Placement Fees

Find out the cost of services availed by your firm. Since all IT staffing firms operate differently, they offer different services at different cost. Most companies charge flat placement fees while others charge a certain percentage of an employee’s wage. Before signing the agreement with any recruiting agency, have a clear understanding of how the firm charges you.  

The Recruiters

When hiring a staffing team, it is essential to meet and know the recruiters who would be carrying the job of enrolling staffs for your firm. Find out whom to reach out for in case of emergencies or issue with the recruitment process.

Values and Standards
When hiring an external staffing team, the company must establish a model of standards with them. Make a note of the code of conducts, guidelines, and standards followed by the firm. It is crucial to understand how they conduct their business. Additionally, formulate a method to calculate their services.

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