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4 Tips for Managing Family HVAC Use

>> Nov 8, 2018

Keeping everyone comfortable in your home can be tricky, especially if you have someone who's always hot and someone who's always cold. Different parties may vie for control of the thermostat, constantly tweaking the temperature when they think no one is looking. This will satisfy no one, especially your HVAC unit. Use the following tips to manage your family's HVAC system and keep everyone as content as possible.

Use the Thermostat to Manage Different Rooms
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Setting the temperature at a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit might not be comfortable for everyone, especially if some rooms get hotter or cooler than the rest of the house. Prevent suffering by installing a smart thermostat that can help you utilize zoned temperature control.

These thermostats work by closing and opening ductwork in each zone to create the perfect temperature for everyone. Therefore, if someone likes it cooler, they can have a lower temperature than the person in the room next to them. Zoned temperature control is also good if you have a multi-level home that doesn't heat and cool evenly. 

Switch to a Ductless or Split System

If your HVAC system is not compatible with zoned temperature control, another option to consider is switching to a ductless system. A ductless system allows you to control each room individually without the use of a centralized thermostat. As the name implies, it doesn't require ducts, just a small compressor unit for each room. This can save you up to 25 percent of your energy costs, as it eliminates air leakage from ductwork.

This isn't a decision to take lightly, as it can be a bit pricey upfront. However, it's a great way to save money in the long run as well as keep everyone comfortable and happy.

Add a Purifier or Ventilator

If you really want your family to benefit from your HVAC system, consider adding on a ventilator or air purifier. These accessories can improve your indoor air quality and make your home a more pleasant environment. Air purifiers work by filtering out all pollutants and contaminants in the air, while ventilators introduce fresh air from outside to revitalize your rooms.
With these two add-ons, there's a good chance your family will have fewer allergies, asthma attacks, and sickness overall. They might even feel more energized and less tired throughout the day.

Give Control to the Adults

You love your kids, but they just might not understand how HVAC systems work. They might think that they can lower and raise the temperature as much as they want with no consequences. This simply isn't true, as quickly lowering and raising the temperature in your home can send your HVAC system into overload.

Therefore, keep all thermostat controls off-limits to the kids. If they have a temperature request, they can ask one of the adults in the household to alter the thermostat for them.

Managing family HVAC use isn't easy, as everyone wants something different. Consider the above tips if you want to keep everyone happy and satisfied while prolonging the life of your system.

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