Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

8 Innovative Ways to Decorate Your House This Christmas

>> Nov 28, 2018

Christmas is not just the time of merry-making but it also brings with it a certain amount of magic. As in reality no wardrobe can land you at the magical land of Narnia, why not turn your space into something where you will love to spend the best time of the year.

Starting from the flamboyant lighting installation and the stockings decorating the fireplace to the creative messages on the walls – here a collection of fabulous Christmas decorations is presented so that you can transform your space into an awesome land resembling that of the fairy-tales.

Even if yours is a small place or yours is a rented apartment there is no reason why you cannot make it big with your decorations. Just read on to get some mind-boggling décor ideas this Christmas.

·         Create a Starry Sky – A mix of metal, paper and the wooden stars selected in a variety of shapes and sizes can be hung to create an intriguing gallery wall that is three-dimensional. This will augment the winter time feel and convert your space into a cosy corner that you will love to spend time in.
·         Shorten Your Christmas Tree – If you reside in an apartment that is small, but you cannot think of being part of the festivities without a Christmas tree then the solution is that you should go small. You will get a plenitude of short-heighted trees these days ranging from the 60 cm short ones to the table-top ones. You can’t find anything that can go wrong here.
·         Use Tomato Cage Tree – From the local garden you can just pick a tomato cage and then embellish it with some spectacular ornaments. For the perfect finishing, you can add a gaudy bow at the top of the tree and a lush green base at the bottom of the tree.
·         Use the Shiny Brite Wreath - For transforming a basic Styrofoam wreath you should use a vintage ornament. Use a ribbon for covering the base of the wreath and then attach baubles upon the entire body of the wreath with the help of greeting pins until the wreath is completely covered.
·         Play with Fairy Lights – Fairy lights are the mandatory inclusions in case of Christmas. Hence, you can make a display of these little sparkling lights by decorating the jars and stacks of Christmas present as well as the cloches with these lights. The string lights have proven to be quite advantageous for the small homes as they take up a very small space and they can be used to enhance even a small balcony with festive cheer.
·         Draw on the Snowflakes – You can add fluttery flakes on the surface of a mirror with the help of paint marker that is washable. Under it a tassel basket and the festive stockings that can be attached to faux garland can hold a lot of goodies. 
 ·         Make a Display of Christmas Cards– An affordable way to introduce merriment in your space without spending the extra bucks is to use Christmas cards as décor pieces. The cards can be pegged into a piece of string and then you can simply pop them into pretty frames or attach them to a wall with the help of washi tape.  Your guests will be delighted to find their wishes being appreciated this way if it is your turn to host the Christmas party this year.
·          Make the Home Smell Just Like X-mas – Many people prefer channelling a minimal Christmas approach and this is especially the case with those who reside in an apartment with limited space. If that is you, then why not make your home smell like Christmas. Imagine the smell of cinnamon, fresh pine and clove enticing your home ambience. There are also the Christmas scented candles that suit all budgets and can enthral you and your guests with the smell. So pile them up and let the Christmas spirit get you all excited for all the celebrations.

The above are some of the ideas that you can consider and implement in order to decorate your home for Christmas. Apart from the above, you can also opt for chair hire to augment your seating arrangement if you are being the host and guests are invited for the grand occasion of Christmas. All these will help you create the perfect Christmas get-together that will remain etched in the memories of the attendees for years to come.

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