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Costs Involved with Owning an Inflatable Spa

>> Nov 12, 2018

Owning an inflatable spa is a lot of fun, as you can take a warm dip anytime you want within the comfort of your home.  Whether you just got home from work or school, it is perfect for relaxation with family and friends.  It also has a lot of benefits for your health.

How Much Can You Save with an Inflatable Spa?

If you are planning to buy an inflatable spa, it is important for you to know the expenses involved in owning and maintaining one. Here are the five costs you should consider before getting your hands on an inflatable hot tub.

1. Electricity

For a warm and relaxing dip, you are going to use electricity to heat up the water in your inflatable hot tub. Thermostat, heaters, pumps, and jets also require the use of energy. This makes electricity the biggest cost contributor in owning a home spa.

If you are going to use your hot tub regularly, expect to pay more for your electricity consumption. This depends on the amount of water and the cost per kilowatt hour. In addition, your inflatable spa must be connected to the electrical system properly to avoid any accident or injury. It is recommended that you hire a certified electrician to work on it, which is included in the cost of setting up your hot tub.

Because electricity is the biggest cost contributor in owning an inflatable spa, here are some cost saving tips for you:

  • If possible, choose to have your inflatable spa installed indoors rather than outdoors. This can bring down your electricity consumption, as the heat will be contained within the area.
  • Take advantage of the season or time of day when electricity cost is at the lowest.
  • If you want to save money in the long run, portable solar panels can cover your electricity consumption. Aside from heating up your spa, solar panels can also be used on other appliances. In addition, you can use them for many years.
  • Ensure that your spa is well-insulated. Having a good cover helps maintain the heat which in turn can reduce electricity consumption.

2. Strong foundation

This is necessary for an inflatable hot tub. A cement slab is recommended. If you do not have a strong foundation at home, you might need to have it reinforced before getting an inflatable hot tub.


3. Hot tub filters

Filters play a crucial role in keeping the water in your inflatable spa clean and sanitised. The cost usually depends on the brand of filter you will use. On average, if you are going to use your hot tub frequently, expect to spend around $396 a year for filter cartridges.  It is recommended that you replace the filter cartridge once every two weeks.

In addition, filter systems in inflatable spas must be replaced every one to two years. You might also spend additional cash on filter systems depending on the type of your inflatable spa, because some spas require two filter systems or more.

4. Water

For the best relaxation experience, it is preferred for you to drain and clean your inflatable spa every three to four months. Your water cost depends on the amount of water your inflatable spa holds, and the frequency of draining and cleaning it.

5. Chemicals

Aside from filters, certain chemicals are needed to clean the water and maintain it in a sanitised state. These include chlorine and bromine which, on average, will cost you around $10 to $20 a month. If you are going to use your hot tub,say for a period of nine months in a year, expect to spend around $135 to $150 for cleaning chemicals alone.

Having a hot tub will surely cost you money, but the actual amount will depend on a lot of factors. On the bright side, you will also save a lot from owning one. By having one in your home, you can save on transportation on the way to hotel spas or resorts, particularly if you are always visiting these places. In addition, you will not have to deal with traffic as well as finding an accessible parking area for your vehicle.

Quality Inflatable Spas

Having a high-quality inflatable spa at home saves you from the stress of dealing with constant repairs and inconveniences. When looking for an inflatable spa, look for good quality that comes with warranty from the manufacturer.  Comprehensive warranties can save you a lot of money on repair costs.

For a high-quality, durable inflatable spa, you do not have to look elsewhere, as OutbaxCamping has got you covered. We also have pool accessories that are necessary for maintaining your hot tub. For your convenience and peace of mind, we provide free shipping, 24-hour dispatch guarantee, as well as special 60-day returns. Visit OutbaxCamping today and find the right inflatable spa for you.

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