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Why I Love Walking in a Winter Wonderland

>> Nov 15, 2018

Winter is upon us and it can be the most magical of seasons, it’s the perfect time to get cosy with your nearest and dearest. Sit in front of a roaring fire and enjoy a cup of mug of steaming hot chocolate (complete with marshmallows and whipped cream of course)! It’s nice to enjoy your home comforts at this time of year, but this is no time for hibernation! The great outdoors can be magical at wintertime, wrap up warm and venture outside. There’s a winter wonderland out there just waiting to be discovered.
There are subtle changes all throughout the winter season, at the start the air is crisp and the ground covered by a beautiful autumnal carpet of leaves, in hues of gold, red, brown and orange. The trees may be bare but they have an ethereal quality that gives them a mystical feel. As the season progresses it becomes colder, a layer of frost coats the ground and paints the branches of trees, from afar it looks like someone has gone a little crazy with a pot of silver glitter! Then comes the snow, if we’re lucky its deep and crisp and even (just how Good King Wenceslas liked it)! You can crunch through it, leaving footprints in your wake. There are snowballs to be thrown and snowmen to be built,and if you have a hill nearby sledging is a must.

Winter is also synonymous with the festive season. We often see Christmas cards depicting perfect snowy scenes, and there’s always a deep-seated hankering for a white Christmas, if only we could put that on our Christmas wish list for dear old Santa. A scattering of snow outside our door on Christmas morning would make the day complete.

Many of my designs for Heartwood Creek this Christmas were inspired by my appreciation for nature, love of the country and fondness of the Christmas period. I particularly enjoyed designing and crafting my many snowman figurines, there’s so much more to these wintery fellows than two balls of snow, button eyes and a carrot nose! Here are a few of my favourites:

I adored coming up with the concept for my “Be The Light” Victorian Snowman, complete with lantern, which transports me back to a bygone era. I imagine him coming to life one blustery night, wrapping his scarf around him and making his way along the deserted streets with his traditional lamp held aloft before him. I liked the idea of incorporating rich colours, they seemed to fit with the era, and I wanted to give this fellow a vintage feel.

My “Snowman wrapped” figurine was a joy to craft, I was keen to bring through his vibrant personality, hence the string of brightly coloured fairy lights! I’m sure this gleeful gentleman will light up your day (and night) and his jaunty top hat finished off his cheeky chappy persona perfectly.

My passion for tradition and folklore inspired my design of the “Folklore Snowman with Heart” figurine, it’s hand-painted and features my signature colours and rustic design. There’s a folk-art forest scene which has been hand-carved and the bright red heart draws your eye. This would make a beautiful gift for loved ones, it comes in a gift box, and as every Folklore Snowman with Heart figurine is individually hand-painted and hand-carved, each one will be unique.

Of course, my Heartwood Creek Christmas range incorporates more than just snowman! There are Santa’s from all corners of the globe, including an Italian, French and German Santa, to name just three. There’s also my White Woodland range – these resin figurines are striking, and as the name suggests they are white in colour and reminiscent of a wonderland scene. Although I must say I have never personally seen a snowman carrying a pair of skis – but I just couldn’t resist (and who knows what they get up to in the dead of night when we are all snoozing in our beds)?

I also enjoyed designing the nativity scenes, I feel we need to hold onto the true sentiment of Christmas to ensure the season doesn’t get wholly swallowed up by shiny wrapping paper and plastic novelty items! I have a special place in my heart for angels and have fashioned many a design based on these spiritual beings over the years.

Heartwood Creek this Christmas also features hanging ornaments that are perfect for decorating a Christmas tree and festive figurines that will look spectacular placed on a shelf or a mantle piece.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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