Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Give Your Kids a Complete Wardrobe on a Budget

>> Nov 9, 2018

Raising kids can be expensive. This is especially true when it comes to keeping them clothed. Children require dress clothes for church and special occasions, everyday school clothes, and play clothes. Before you go broke buying numerous outfits that they will simply outgrow, consider the following helpful tips.
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Play Clothes


This is the category in which you want to go cheap. Children outgrow clothing quickly and tear it up while playing so why invest a fortune in these pieces? Look for clearance racks selling clothing at a huge discount at the end of each season. Thrift stores are an excellent place to shop for playtime outfits, and you can start a hand-me-down chain with other parents in your neighborhood.

School Clothes


You will want to spend a little bit more on the everyday school clothes, but there is still no reason to go crazy. Watch for sales at certain times of the year. Late summer, through the holidays, and in the spring, many retailers offer discounts on children’s clothing. You can also find girls and boys leather shoes at affordable prices from online stores.

Dress Clothes


Dress clothes for children can be expensive, and unfortunately, they often outgrow these outfits after only one or two times wearing it. Use this fact to your benefit. There are plenty of other parents out there that are trying to sell their children’s dress clothes in resale shops and through online auctions. Because the kids only wear these outfits once or twice, they are in excellent condition.

Knowing where to shop, as well as which pieces to invest in, will allow you to save money while keeping your children outfitted with everything they need. They will have plenty of good clothes for school, lots of play clothes that they can get dirty in, and a few special occasion dress outfits. Best of all, you will still have a little money left over.

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