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Teachergive Sale 2023


>> Apr 11, 2016

Being healthy and fit can be one beautiful opportunity of a happy life. Good health is what a person requires for long term goodwill of life. Health is what we are compromising on these days by not taking care of it. Processed and fast food has become one of the mandatory parts of our diet that is causing an excess failure to the health of our people. We have stopped eating the good organic superfoods that are best required for our fit lifestyle. Health is one thing we should not do any sort of compromise.

The key to a healthy and fit lifestyle is eating healthy and workout. Workout doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym but to lead your daily routine towards an active lifestyle where you give a bit of time to your fitness. Keep moving or have a little walk from your office to the nearest mart. Perform some crunches at home so that you can keep yourself motivated for long. Other than all this you need to add some healthy and natural foods to your daily diet plan. The more you eat healthy, the more you will feel yourself fit and moving. God has gifted us so many natural resources that can save us from many prone diseases leading to unhealthy lifestyle.  Let’s see what all we can add in our lives to save ourselves from getting sick and unfit.

              1.            ALMONDS:
Almonds top the list in being the healthiest food. Related to the nut family it is rich in many amazing nutrients that are extremely important for our overall health, including nutrients such as vitamin E, magnesium, iron, fiber, calcium and riboflavin. According to a scientific research, if almonds are taken as a food will surely maintain and control a healthy cholesterol level. Almonds are filled with fiber as compare to many other tree nuts. Almonds also contain fatty acids that are made up of 90-95% of unsaturated fatty acids that explains everything how it can maintain a good cholesterol level. It can be one good asset if you are planning a good diet to reduce weight as it also helps you to maintain a nice figure. Eat a handful of almonds daily for some extra health benefits.
              2.            APPLE:
Apple is the healthiest fruit of all time and it is always said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. From this phrase you can get an idea how healthy it can be for your overall fitness. Apples are one of the excellent sources of antioxidants that can combat any sort of free radicals. Free radicals basically create substances that are damaging for the body causing some very undesirable changes involved in different diseases and aging. Studies have found the antioxidants present in apples can increase your lifespan that will no doubt beautify your healthy future. It is one of the miracle foods that can reduce the risk of having stroke by 52%. Eating the white edible portion of an apple can increase your immunity and will keep you fit and healthy for long. Eating a raw apple daily can increase the flow of blood in your body.

     3.            BROCCOLI:
If you would like to eat a fiber rich food then broccoli is one right thing for you. It is extremely nutritious and also contains potassium, calcium, phytonutrients and folate. Phytonutrients are different compounds whose consumption can reduce the risk of having severe heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. It also contains a very good antioxidant beta-carotene and also it’s rich in vitamin C. 100 grams of broccoli is required in daily serving to get its appropriate benefits which is over 150% of the daily vitamin C intake. It also has some well-known anti-inflammatory agents that can help reduce many ingrown problems. So take care while cooking broccoli as overcooking might destroy all its benefits. Toss some broccoli in your salad or grill them to have it in your dinner.
               4.            GREEN TEA:
Green tea is one natural herb that is used worldwide as a tea. Benefits of green tea are countless and no one can deny this fact. It is loaded with some special antioxidants that let you flush away all types of toxins out of your body. It is also best to improve your brain response time and thinking. It is extensively used in the weight loss process and helps to keep one fresh and lively. It can also be used to prevent any type of cancer and skin related disease caused by sun exposure. It is also used to reduce gum diseases and genital warts. Overall this herb is just too amazing to be used as a healthy food. Try t drink at least 2 cups f green tea every day.

              5.            OILY FISH:
Oily fish is the one having oil in their tissues and in the guts. These are extremely healthy to eat and best food for your diet. Oily fish usually include trout, salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines. Lean fillet of such a fish contains about 30% oil that is omega-3 fatty acids. This type of fatty acid is very nutrient and healthy for your body. The nutrients provide benefits to the nervous system as well as the heart. It has also some anti-inflammatory agents that can give some huge benefits to the arthritis patients. It also contains vitamin A and D that are very important for eyes and bones. So try to add some grilled or fried oily fish in your daily diet meal for a healthy living.

               6.            BERRIES:
Berries are superfoods that are rich in fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Phytonutrients are some natural chemicals that are extensively found in plants. These are extremely good for your health and can fight many chronic diseases and also keeps the body functioning properly. According to a famous study, elderly people eating a lot of berries can provide a huge benefit to their health by lowering the risk of having cognitive decline. It also helps to reduce obesity and can be very useful in your daily diet menu. Grab some fresh berries and toss them in a bowl of fruit salad or enjoy them as it is.

              7.            AVOCADOS:
Avocado is the most talked about fruit of all times. It is avoided by many people because of its high fat content but people don’t realize how beneficial it is for their overall health. According to a latest study about 75% of the overall calories in avocado come from the fat content which is in shape of monosaturated fats. These are very rich in vitamin B, as well as E and K. It also has fiber content which is 25% soluble and 75% insoluble. Studies show that proper consumption of avocado can lower your blood pressure and is also very useful in treating hypertension. The best way is to make a nice avocado dip and enjoy it with freshly cut vegetables.

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