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A Glimpse at the THRIVE Product Line and Culture of Le-Vel

>> Apr 20, 2016

Le-Vel is neither your typical run-of-the-mill provider of nutritional products, nor is it your average direct sales company. Since it appeared on the scene less than 4 years ago in 2012, this direct sales company has dramatically altered the health and wellness landscape through its one-of-a-kind premium product line known as THRIVE, along with their cloud based technology which is a modernized twist on the direct selling methodology that really streamlines procedures, which means reduced expenses and increased investments in both products and its powerful sales force. The THRIVE name says it all, both for the products and for the individuals involved in promoting health and wellness to friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

To start with the THRIVE product line is the most sensible approach, since the THRIVE products include all-natural and gluten-free dietary supplements that cannot be found anywhere else in the marketplace today. The bioavailability of their products is significantly higher than that of most of the over-the-counter supplements that you will encounter in most pharmacies, grocery stores, and even vitamin shops today. Collectively, THRIVE is the ideal nutritional supplement for people of all ages and lifestyles, assisting them in realizing such valuable and desirable benefits including weight management, lean muscle support, healthy joint support, digestive and immune support, better cognitive performance, more energy, elevated moods and overall wellness.
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The founders of Le-Vel, Jason Camper and Paul Gravette (who are also co-owners and co-CEOs of the company), had a vision of a company with the greater purpose of not simply developing a product but creating a lasting brand by featuring a suite of premium products that are specially designed to help people improve their lifestyles and increase their level of overall health and wellness. The unique and proprietary cloud platform that the company has developed allows Le-Vel to operate with a greatly reduced overhead cost than similar direct selling companies. These increased savings allow this innovative company to better allocate their resources towards acquiring new loyal customers, developing exciting new products which complement their current line, as well as offering an attractive and generous rewards program for its many dedicated and professional Brand Promoters. Le-Vel is proud to offer one of the most generous and exciting rewards plans ever to reach this industry. There is little surprise that these factors all combined together to create an excitement and energy that is incomparable.

One reason that the company is dedicated to focusing a great deal of time and attention on its Brand Promoters is that they recognize that their sales force represents the heart of the message that the company is trying to convey to both new and existing customers as well as other prospective promoters. This is why Le-Vel has developed a “team approach” that offers all of its Brand Promoters the exciting and life-transforming opportunity to succeed in developing their own personal businesses; for Le-Vel, equal opportunity exists which allows everyone to excel at their own level and pace. Another awesome benefit of working with Le-Vel is that the company provides each of its Promoters with their own free Le-Vel website along with a sophisticated cloud-based back office; consequently, the THRIVE Brand Promoters can operate their business from anywhere and at any time.

Le-Vel led by Jason Camper and Paul Gravettehas launched a leading health and wellness movement that is structured to help as many people as possible throughout the world in achieving happier and healthier lives. Its leading-edge infrastructure has perfectly positioned the company to continue introducing the most effective, superior quality products available, as well as giving people the proper tools to allow them to share these products with others, and empowering them to create a successful, profitable business on their own terms and schedule. 

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