Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Practicing and Becoming Fit Physically and Mentally

>> Apr 26, 2016

One very important lesson that is necessary to go ahead in life is that of moving on with confidence in the face of failure or danger. This is easy to say but very difficult to practice and if the person is of a soft nature or has so far lead a very sheltered life, then he will find it very difficult to go ahead when faced with a challenge.

While many people might face failures again and again and this might deter them or make them lose hope in themselves, many others might just take the lesson from the failures and move ahead. This kind of professionalism is something that very few people have and those who have this are surely made of strong mindset.

Alex Cronstein is one such person who has strength of character and who has got great confidence of moving ahead. While he is a team leader at the Mountain Warfare Training Center at Bridgeport, CA, he is also a person who has experience in handling the anti-terrorist activities overseas. With such an expansive knowledge and skill, it is only likely that he is not someone to falter at the sight of challenges.

Keeping the mind cool and training the mind:

While many people are at work in their office or business, they might be putting their heart and soul to it and might not even realize that they are supposed to relax now and then too. While there are many things to learn from sports or gaming activities, these are also the best stress-busters for everyone. Alexander Crosntein indeed has a very high position and has held responsibilities for his country too once in a while, but when it comes to relaxation, he does not compromise on it.

As a Lacrosse player, right from his college days, he is active and is known for his optimum defense skills in the game too. This said, he enjoys playing the sport and this is something he does even now. When he is not playing Lacrosse, he goes rock climbing, that helps him to gain physical strength, get his grip and balance and even help him enjoy. Skiing is also a sport that he enjoys doing the most and whenever he gets a break, he heads to the ski resort and just dons his another avatar. Being a totally outdoor person, his reflexes are amazing and while sporting activities help him get plenty of strength and agility, it also is one of the best ways that he loves to spend his leisure time.

More on achieving and going ahead:

While a person might say one day that he has had it, there might be times, when he might not really be eager to sit back and hang his shoes. Alex Cronstein is currently preparing for studying management and since he believes that using all his existing strength and focus, he shall be able to get the most of it in life and in his future career too whichever it is. 

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