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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to choose the best Minneapolis Wedding Flowers

>> Apr 23, 2016

A wedding is a landmark in the lives of the couples intending to marry. According to the couple, everything needs to be perfect. The place where the wedding will take place must be elegant. The elegance of the venue will be based on the creativity of the decorators. Below are tips for picking the right flowers for the nuptial ceremony.

Choice between silk and fresh flowers

You will discover there are two types of flowers. The silk flowers are manufactured while the fresh ones are planted. When you compare their prices, fresh flowers tend to be more expensive. Most couples love the fresh flowers because they are real. In the market, you will find fabricated flowers that look like the fresh ones. Hence, pick the best option for the event.
Your personal preference

It is imperative to consider your taste and preferences when making this choice. Since it is your wedding, it must be up to your standards. This aspect is critical because you have a better understanding of your financial capability too. All you need is good advice from a knowledgeable florist. The advice should only guide you into picking what is appropriate for you.


You may lack an idea concerning the perfect flowers for the wedding. A brief research will be helpful in getting exceptional ideas. Start by reading gardening books that only focus on flowers. Reading bridal magazines and books will open you up to creative ways of arranging those flowers. Research provides adequate facts for picking the best Minneapolis wedding flowers.

Theme of the wedding

Every wedding has a theme and that determines the colours that will be used in decorating the venue. Put into consideration the theme of your wedding when sourcing for the flowers. The colour of the flowers must be compatible with the main theme. Mixing colours can be quite challenging. In this case, you can seek the advice of the decorators.


These flowers grow in seasons. If you desire to have a particular flower in your décor, it would be cheaper if it grows during that season. If the current climatic condition does not support the growth of that flower, you will have to import it. Importation of flowers is risky because they can wither and it is very expensive too. Prefer using the flowers available in that season.

Flowers arrangements

The style for the arrangement of the flowers will influence the type you pick. You must plan regarding how the church and the reception ought to be decorated. If the decorations plans are dissimilar chances are high the flowers used will be different too. Flowers used on bridesmaids and groomsmen will have an effect on the selections too.


Planning for a wedding is very costly. It is essential to have a budget that will hinder you from overspending. The budget should clearly show the amount of money you have allocated for various services and products. The money allocated for flowers should guide you in picking what is affordable. Do not strain yourself financially by picking costly flowers.

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Jane Jared is a mother of two. She is also an experienced florist that has invested in Minneapolis wedding flowers for several years. She loves watching wedding TV shows during her free time. 

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