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Dog Walking – How to Make It A Good Experience

>> Apr 19, 2016

Every dog owner should make it a point to take his pet for a walk daily so that it is able to release its physical and mental energy. When you are ready to take your dog out for a walk, do not go to the dog to slip on the leash, but instead call the dog to come to you. Make the dog sit calmly and then put on the leash and walk out of the door with the dog following you. Do not allow him to leave the house in an excited manner and especially he should not bolt out of the front door as this will set the tone for the rest of the walk. The dog needs to know that it is you who’s in command.

Why A Collar Not a Harness?
When walking your dog ensure that you put a collar that sits far up as this will give you more control. Do not use a harness for walking your dog; harnesses were made for animals that needed to pull weights like sleds. Do not use a long lead, a short lead gives you more control and should hang loose. If the dog pulls then tug the lead back and again let it be loose. If you dog insists on pulling the lead or refuses to walk beside you, then you should stop and calm him down by making him sit, and start again after he’s settled down. When you start do not call out to him; pack leaders do not signal the pack.The pack watches the leader and follows him instinctively. You dog too will learn to follow you and accept you as the leader.

Spot Marking or the Need to Relieve

When you are out walking the dog you should discourage him from frequentlysniffing the ground and marking the spots with urine. If the dog genuinely needs to relieve himself, it should make you aware and you should allow him only if the spot is acceptable for such things.

Handling Distractions

While out walking you dog, it is quite likely that you will encounter other dogs that are barking or some other distraction. Do not allow your dog to make his own decisions as to how to react to the distraction. You should keep on walking ahead calmly and if your dog is tending to pay attention to what is happening around him, you can give the lead a tug to force him to return his attention to the walk. If the dog persists, use your foot to touch it as a reminder to get back to business. If the distraction is too severe then you may need to use your hand on his neck to prevent him from being too agitated and start growling or barking. You need to time this right and not after it escalates as the dog then may be far too agitated to pay heed to you.

The Best Way to Walk Your Dog

The ideal approach is that it is you who is going out for a walk and you are taking your dog along. You should walk at a good and steady pace, with your head high and shoulders right back in a confident way. Dogs are extremely perceptive and will react accordingly if you are exuding the attributes of a strong leader. When there is a crossroad, you can make the dog sit beside you if the wait is going to be long or the dog can continue to stand but it needs to be completely calm. The best time for walking the dog is before giving him food. If you are going to be out for the day, it is best that you take the dog for a walk before you leave home, as then it will be in a resting mode during the time you are away.

Author bio: Jay Walker is a professional dog trainer. Passionate about his job, he writes extensively in the online media regarding various aspects of dog care. Some of his most informative articles can be read on http://www.primpplay.com/.

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